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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Action / Crime / Drama
Original Title: Vella Raja
Budget: INR 10,000,000
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Series
The cat and mouse game begins with Theresa's posting in Chennai. Her vow to clean up the city from drugs leads her to Deva. Deva's drive to be the drug lord is paved with murders and politics. People who enter Bava Lodge on that day are caught in the crossfire of deceit and betrayal between Deva and Theresa. Who will survive in the lodge? Will Theresa be able to catch Deva and end the drug war?


Series cast summary:
Abi Abi 10 episodes, 2018
Akash Akash 10 episodes, 2018
Yuthan Balaji Yuthan Balaji 10 episodes, 2018
Gayathrie Gayathrie 10 episodes, 2018
Kalki Kalki 10 episodes, 2018
T.M. Karthik T.M. Karthik 10 episodes, 2018
Manoharan Manoharan 10 episodes, 2018
Parvathy Nair Parvathy Nair 10 episodes, 2018
Ponmudi Ponmudi 10 episodes, 2018
Sharath Ravi Sharath Ravi 10 episodes, 2018
Santhosh Santhosh 10 episodes, 2018
Bobby Simha Bobby Simha 10 episodes, 2018
Kaali Venkat Kaali Venkat 10 episodes, 2018
A.R. Bala A.R. Bala 9 episodes, 2018

Reviews: [25]

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    Visuals look absolutely stunning, but the writing is lazy. The storyline doesn't have an aim and Parvathy Nair looks confused, it's almost as if she didn't understand what she is supposed to do with her character. Bobby Simha is excellent, with better writing this could have been an great show!
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    Yellow Judge

    Very bad screenplay and direction. Story has no aim. Dont waste ur time
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    It was good when the story starts and how each characters are introduced and get assembled in a same place. Good cinematography, cast and locations. Obviously viewers expect contribution from each of the characters, but the contribution from some of the characters are slim to nil and don't know why they were introduced in the first place. Each character has thier own story and none of which comes to a meaningful ending except for Bobby's. Good attempt. Appreciate the effort. Welcome such series but with a more better storyline with clarity.
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    I have to admit that a Tamil web TV show is a surprise. A lot many series are better than movies. So I was curious and at the same time wary of Tamil films and series. As feared, this show has absolutely nothing to offer. The episodes are dragged and struggle to fill the barely 20 min time.

    Bobby's look reminds me of Jigarthanda, but is no where near. The supporting roles are pathetic too. The episodes are clearly struggling as 'wanna be' Narcos, Kashyap's and some hit cult films. Except for the kids, other characters exhibit unnecessary over-reaction. Cinematography and Art works are good. Direction is poor, and writing, worse. Production value looked so cheap.

    Bad start up for a first Tamil web series. There have been fantastic films in Tamil cinema lately. So curious to see upcoming Tamil series. And, don't believe the paid reviewers and staged votes.

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    Best quote from Vella Raja If there's no Satan, the good God will become JobLess.
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    Seems like the people who reviewed this series have never seen any series in their lives. Boring screenplay and amateur making. just wasted my time watching all the 10 episodes hoping that it will get better in later episodes. End up forwarding even the last episode.
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    Expected a fast and thrilling episodes but wat I got is lazy and not so thrilling episodes. Waste of time.
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    Well narrated best Tamil mob story original series so far. BS acting is outstanding. Great plot and all the cast did their best. Originally this came in Tamil and most of the comments I see from non Tamil speaking community and they still wanted to criticize anything come from south. Watch it if you really like Narcos kind of series. Worth watching.

    Again it's a original series hence 18+.
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    Watch It definitely u will love Because full of Good Action Thrill Little Fun ..Many will Give negative Reviews because Tamil guys like English Hindi Series Not Tamil series Like Hating 2.0 Aduthavan Edutha Sappa Matan Namba Aluga Edutha Korai Eppadi sollalanu varuvaga ..HATERS : please go and watch VAMSAM serial it may suit u till Ur death ...

    Only director used Bobby Very well after JIGARTHANDA Villain role ...

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    The screenplay is slow. All the casts did their job good. Some other powerful cast could have put in instead of Parvati Nair. A very big applause for stunt director and make up. Stunt scenes were awesome and looked real. BGM was good. Overall series is good.
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    Waste of time and money..they think they can take Drug and Gangster series like Pablo, El chapo and make money...worst worst
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    Really nice to see Bobby in web series that too in Tamil. Awesome attempt by the crew. Wishing to see many more upcoming series.
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    For more than 5 episodes she's checking files, she hardly has any dialogues, completely dramatic. Like the previous reviews, it's a wannabe 'Narcos' series. Good attempt in tamil but expecting more.

    Ps. I wish if vada Chennai was released like this has a series.
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    1. very poor story 2. no character is clearly established 3. dumbest dialogues 4. poor screenplay 5. being thriller, forget about excitement you'll feel tired of watching
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    When we think and proud of having a world class web series for Tamil audience, but it fails on every aspect.

    It is just an Amazon's failed attempt to inject vulgarism and bad language. Acting performance is not up to the mark, they choose only best main actors to do and seems spent good budget on that area. I had feeling of seeing 'Breath' again. Is it the same Director or team?
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    Someone needs to stop Parvatii Nair, she can't act, her constipated expressions throughout the series makes it an even more painful watch. The story revolves around how a bunch of misfits end up in a hotel and what's the story behind the protagonist becoming the quintessential bad guy. Several characters utter swear words without any conviction and it always seem out of place and artificial.
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    Nice attempt in Tamil web series. Expecting the next season soon.
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    Worth to watch and Good screen play and they played American style season
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    Longitude Temporary

    I was initially excited and actually started watching proudly for, it is the first such Tamil series in Amazon prime. One big disadvantage is that nobody except Bobby Simha 'acted' convincingly. I liked the way his past was presented. And so I expected more thrill in his present. The story lacks details. I expected some big revelation on what went on in Theresa's mind until the very end. But it never came. Could've done way better.
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    Very bad story, south movies suck, series suck. Wtf are they upto?
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    Everyone have done an amazing performance except Parvathy Nair. The scenes in which she appears looks so dramatic.

    Awesome Tamil Series. Worth watching.
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    Really good attempt director way story telling totally different but first half bgm is overlap dialogues n camera work also normal once watchable Director work Promising dialogues full marks
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    Wow...what a super visualisation, must watch web series. we have proud becoz its a tamil Web series. Bobby sinha was superb. 100 % thriller one
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    Gold Crown

    Worth watching, wating for more serious from this team
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    The series was good, perfect use of characters & props, the story line is good but still its something we used too. The camera angles, lightings..... Great job.