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Homeland Clarity (2011– ) HD online

Homeland Clarity (2011– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Clarity
Director: Daniel Attias
Writers: Alex Gansa,Howard Gordon
Released: 2011–
Duration: 58min
Video type: TV Episode
Carrie needs to choose a side. Keane needs an ally. Saul has an idea.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Claire Danes Claire Danes - Carrie Mathison
Elizabeth Marvel Elizabeth Marvel - President Elizabeth Keane
Linus Roache Linus Roache - David Wellington
Mandy Patinkin Mandy Patinkin - Saul Berenson
James D'Arcy James D'Arcy - Thomas Anson
Amy Hargreaves Amy Hargreaves - Maggie Mathison
Dylan Baker Dylan Baker - Senator Sam Paley
Catherine Curtin Catherine Curtin - Sandy Langmore
Adrienne C. Moore Adrienne C. Moore - Rhonda
Francesca Faridany Francesca Faridany - Olivia
Sakina Jaffrey Sakina Jaffrey - Doctor
Mackenzie Astin Mackenzie Astin - Bill Dunn
Courtney Grosbeck Courtney Grosbeck - Josie Mathison-Dunn
Damian Young Damian Young - Jim
Marin Hinkle Marin Hinkle - Christine Lonas

Catherine Curtin and Adrienne C. Moore also worked together in Orange Is the New Black (2013).

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    Some of the political stuff is getting a little over the top. I wish they would dial it back, but I am also curious to see how far they go with it. How would they handle the 25th Amendment being utilized?

    The custody scene hearing was intense and emotional. It proved how good this show can be when it wants to be.
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    Greetings from Lithuania.

    "Clarity", 10th episode of "Homeland" season 7 was that key episode which didn't move main story very much further, but it cemented of what we all knew - for Carrie work goes first off all. We knew that, i'm glad that she finally realized that as well and accept it. Many call her crazy, but i think she is a real patriot.

    Overall, with only 2 episodes left in this good, not great but good season 7, i really looking forward to see it how it all turn out. For this season anyway.
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    Another disappointing episode which in my humble opinion has been by far the weakest season I've seen. Maybe it's time to call it a day if the writers can't think of any ground breaking and original plots like the ealier seasons.
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    Or else, why keep on insisting in wasting the viewers time with the "child problem"? This is supposed to be a story about a top notch CIA-operative and international relations. Nobody cares about the kid, nobody cares if Carrie has problems with her annoying sister, because it slows down the pace in the main story! In this episode, at last, the kid leaves the scene! (custody goes to the sister). But why so late, only two episodes left for the hard stuff, the real story. Generally, this series is much better when evolving outside the US, both the Pakistan and Berlin seasons were terrific. The reason seems to be that when in the US, the writers are on their home turf and simply have to make a mixture of "everyday life" and being an agent. Imagine, people have common and simple lives themselves and knows all about these problems already. Intelligence agencys, however, is a bit more interesting.

    Please locate season 8 in Switzerland or Norway. (hint: Geneva is in Switzerland and Norway has a border to Russia)