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Lilian (la virgen pervertida) (1984) HD online

Lilian (la virgen pervertida) (1984) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adult / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Lilian (la virgen pervertida)
Director: Jesús Franco
Writers: Jesús Franco,Jesús Franco
Released: 1984
Duration: 1h 19min
Video type: Movie
A runaway girl is kidnapped by a gang of wealthy sadists and turned into their drug-addicted sex slave.
Complete credited cast:
Katja Bienert Katja Bienert - Lilian (as Katia Bienert)
Antonio Mayans Antonio Mayans - Mario Pereira (as Robert Foster)
Emilio Linder Emilio Linder - Jorge Miranda
Mari Carmen Nieto Mari Carmen Nieto - Olga (as Mamie Kaplan)
José Llamas José Llamas - José
Daniel White Daniel White - Head of Security (as Pablo Villa)
Rosa María Martín Rosa María Martín - (as Rosa Stadner)
Lina Romay Lina Romay - Irina (as Candy Coster)

The first legal hardcore pornographic film in Spain.

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    In 2010 Katja Bienert told me, that this movie was absolutely unknown to her. I gave her a DVD and after having watched it she was really angry, because she didn't know having played in a pornographic film. She also wasn't paid for it, as presumably all of the other actors obviously were not paid. Jess Franco shot some scenes while doing the other movies with her, later on he took the material and compiled an additional film, adding hardcore elements. But she has forgiven him, this happened more than 25 years ago ... so far Katja's memoirs concerning Lilian. Apart from this, it's a typical Jess Franco movie, a gloomy story with SM elements and a touch of surrealism. But this is only the frame for explicit, but rather uninspired hardcore scenes. Like this, it's neither-nor ...
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    Sure, you'll have difficulties finding this one - but try to get it, because it's THE Katja Bienert film you always wanted to watch; the one you HAVE to watch if you're into mid-80s-sleaze and a beautiful young girl displaying her wonderful body and her absolute incapability of acting. This one is serious trash, and the plot just serves as a baaaad disguise for possibilities to show the lovely 17-year-old Bienert naked. Yummy. And downright sexy. Get it, get it, get it. You won't regret it. This is the ONE Bienert film with more than just two or three scenes with her unbuttoning. Rating: 9. If you're into this stuff, that is ;-)
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    Lilian (La Virgen Pervertida) (1984)

    *** (out of 4)

    This Jess Franco film actually become a huge hit and somewhat historical in his country of Spain. While filming this movie Spain finally removed their no porn policy so Franco went and shot some hardcore scenes making this the countries first (legal) porno. To call this a porno is pretty unfair and takes away from the film because the added scenes are really just there to extend the already there sex scenes. Lilian (Katja Bienert) is found in the desert, near death but when she awakens she tells her savior (Robert Foster) of the hell house she escaped from. She was being held captive by a couple (Emilio Linder, Lina Romay) who ran a brothel and forced her into various sexual acts. In the end, this film is basically about child abuse and the label of being the first Spanish porno is probably going to keep most people away from watching it, which is a shame. I personally wouldn't object to an edited version with the hardcore scenes removed because the film is very strong in its technical style as well as its storytelling. The cinematography is top notch, the music score by Pablo Villa is excellent and Franco wonderfully captures that dreamlike nature that only he can build. This was my first time seeing 17-year-old Katja Bienert and she was very good in the role, perfectly capturing the innocence of her character and the eventual innocence lost.
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    With a poll being held on IMDbs Classic Film board for the best titles of 1984,I decided to take a look at the IMDb page of film maker Jess Franco.Taking a look at the pages to the 8 (!) movies he made that year,I was surprised to discover that Uncle Jess had made Spain's first (commercially available) Adult film,which led to me getting ready to meet Lilian.

    The plot:

    Driving back to the police station,police officer Mario Pereira spots a girl laying near-dead by the side of the road.Taking the girl back to the station,Pereira and fellow cop Bernardo finds the girl in a dazed state,with heroin marks running down her arms.Attempting to pull the girl out of her drug addled state,the cops begin asking the stranger why a good looking girl like her would be wasting her life away.Gaining some level of consciousness,the girl reveals that her name is Lilian,and that she is a tourist from Germany.

    During her visit to Spain,Lilian has run into a kind women called Irina and her husband,the local businessman Jorge Miranda.Taking advantage of Lilian's innocence,the couple soon groom Lilian into getting hooked on drugs and becoming a prostitute.With Miranda being one of the big names in the city,Pereira decides that he must fight Miranda on his own.

    View on the film:

    For Spain's first ever "official" Adult title,editor/actor/writer/director Jess Franco & cinematographer Juan Soler leave any flirting in the dust,by striking against the "Roughie" genre,as ghostly screams echo across the screen,as Uncle Jess uses his trademark zoom-in on showing the pain cast across Lilian's face.Turning the title into an "Adult" flick by including inserts with body doubles that he did not tell the cast about, (who must have been so happy with Uncle Jess's surprise!)Franco takes an fascinating, contrasting approach to the sex scenes,with the zooms giving the scenes an erotic mood,which is destroyed by the doom- laden screams of pain from Lilian.

    Making sure that the film does not cool down between the sex scenes,the screenplay by Franco grips the movie with a hard-nosed police Thriller,as Pereira finds himself uncovering the decaying underbelly of the city.Whilst the ending is hilariously sudden,Franco keeps the rest of the title rolling at a terrific pace,thanks to making each of the sex scenes connected to Lillian's tragic destruction in the underworld. Being the only female cast member in the movie to not use a body double,the pretty Lina Romay gives a very good performance as Irina,who Romay shows to have a viciousness behind her sweet allure. Reuniting with Franco & Romay,the 17 year old (who appears naked!) Katja Bienert gives a wonderful performance as Lilian,thanks to Bienert's laid- back nature giving Lilian a charming warmth,which is destroyed,when Lilian enters Spain's first Adult film.