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Fired Up! (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Sport
Original Title: Fired Up!
Director: Will Gluck
Writers: Will Gluck
Released: 2009
Budget: $20,000,000
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Two guys, Nick and Shawn decide a two week stint at a Cheerleaders' Camp is the perfect opportunity to score tons of meaningless romantic liaisons with lonely girls in tight-tops and short-short skirts. But their lusty plan to caress as many pom-poms as possible goes awry when one of the dudes fall in love.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Nicholas D'Agosto Nicholas D'Agosto - Shawn Colfax
Eric Christian Olsen Eric Christian Olsen - Nick Brady
Sarah Roemer Sarah Roemer - Carly
Molly Sims Molly Sims - Diora
Danneel Ackles Danneel Ackles - Bianca (as Danneel Harris)
David Walton David Walton - Dr. Rick
Adhir Kalyan Adhir Kalyan - Brewster
AnnaLynne McCord AnnaLynne McCord - Gwyneth
Juliette Goglia Juliette Goglia - Poppy
Philip Baker Hall Philip Baker Hall - Coach Byrnes
John Michael Higgins John Michael Higgins - Coach Keith
Smith Cho Smith Cho - Beth
Margo Harshman Margo Harshman - Sylvia
Hayley Marie Norman Hayley Marie Norman - Angela
Jake Sandvig Jake Sandvig - Downey

Although the guys say that the coach says "shit" 10 times, he actually says it only 9.

During AnnaLynne McCord's audition, director Will Gluck asked her to improvise a "panther move". She did a fist-pound claw-and-growl and thought nothing of it after. Her first day on set, he asked her to do it for the camera, and her trademark "panthers out" move ended up being a running joke throughout the film.

The Spanish word for "forbidden", whose mispronunciation serves as a running joke through the movie is actually "prohibido".

Although playing a High School senior Eric Christian Olsen was actually 31 years old at the time this was filming.

Submitted to the MPAA eighteen times before it was given it's final PG-13 rating.

The two scenes during the camp's movie night were from the movie Girls United (2000) and were video cameos of Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku. Dunst said she found this "impressive" during a "Bring It On" cast reunion.

Written by 4 writers, credited simply as 'Freedom Jones'.

Actors Jake Sandvig and Juliette Goglia both had minor roles in the movie 'Easy A.'

Julianna Guill plays a cheerleader here and she earlier played another cheerleader in the One Tree Hill episode Locked Hearts & Hand Grenades. Subsequent to Fired Up, Julianna guest starred in the Selfie finale I Woke Up Like This in which she played the old high school nemesis of Eliza Dooley played by Karen Gillan. Karen herself had also played a cheerleader in The Kevin Bishop Show & the Happy Idiot music video.

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    Kudos to the casting agents for this one -- it's fun and lively and moves along steadily to the predictable happy ending, but along the way the dialogue is snappy, witty, and oddly believable. Why so? Hard to believe, but it was the great chemistry of the two bromantic leads! They play off each other perfectly, and because they're sharply versed with each other, it's instantly believable that they're also sharply-witted with others. It's rare to have the sex-hungry jock teens be intelligent too (smart jocks? Who'd buy that?), yet it works! I bought it, I laughed (a lot!) and I never reached a point where I thought the lead characters had stepped to a point of groan-ness. So kudos to the casting, and the lead actors themselves -- should the chance happen again, I'd gladly see another comedy with these two -- they make a good 'bro' pair.
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    In general, the juvenile comedy genre disappointed me very much in recent years, due to the crowd of unbearable pieces of crap straight-to-DVD (such as, for example, Cougar Club and Picture This), which almost extinguished my taste for this underrated genre.So, without being a great film, I liked Fired Up, because it does not fall on the easy scatological humor; and even though it relies on the old formula of "louts looking for sex", it uses a context and a development which are enough different in order to separate it from many cheap clones of American Pie which try to occupy the niche created by gems such as Clueless, Weird Science and Can't Hardly Wait.

    In Fired Up, the technical aspects are correct, but they do not have too much creativity; the performances are barely functional; and director Will Gluck drives the movie with a good rhythm, but he does not show too much vision (a few interesting transitions are not enough to bring a visual identity to the movie).Fortunately, the screenplay from the movie comes to the rescue by creating entertaining situations which on some way conciliate the message of equality and tolerance the movie proposes.Finally, the characters are interesting and their dialogs are well written.

    In summary, Fired Up may not be a highly memorable experience, but it kept me entertained and it made me laugh, and I think it deserves a recommendation because of that.
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    Steel balls

    first off, this is no monty python comedy. this is your standard modern comedy with a sub par storyline putting two people in an uncomfortable position and seeing the hilarity that ensues. this is not a thinking man's comedy. this is a "watch if you wanna quote a movie for years to come with your friends" comedy. i was skeptical at first because from the trailer, the movie just looks stupid. but a friend of mine said he went and saw it, expecting to sleep through it, and loved it. so i watched it, and i agree. the one liners are great, eric Christian olsen is hilarious as his usual lovable stoner character, and will gluck (who did the short lived series "the loop," also hilarious) does a great job at directing this comedy. only reason it's not a ten is because it's pretty easily predictable, but hilarious nonetheless. if you're a fan of stupid humor, or the series will gluck's "the loop" you'll love this.
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    This movie did not intrigue me at all when it was first announced and I waited until it came out on DVD until I saw it. But overall it was an enjoyable funny teen comedy with hilarious moments. Fired Up is basically your typical teen movie with high school jocks obsessed with hooking up with hot high school girls. Ignoring the cliché plot, the two leads of the movie in Nick D'Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen are a great pair. There are definitely some lines in the film that you will have quoting after watching and hot teenage girls in cheer leading uniforms can never be a bad thing. Sarah Roemer is absolutely stunning and not a bad actor to boot. Go check this low budget comedy out for the laughs
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    Fired Up looked like a stinker based on its premise "2 guys 300 girls" - but it is much wittier and fresher than expected.

    It's all pretty silly and juvenile but at least it does so with a great sense of fun and doesn't take it self seriously.

    Lots of innuendo, sex banter, but nothing too serious ,and it really is pretty funny stuff.

    A good cast who can carry this off with panache and a definite sense of sporting fun - it is part pastiche of sporting movies - all help the time whiz by.

    All in all if you want a fun movie for a pizza night and its a mixed group this actually works well. Not 100% a guys movie at all.
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    I was expecting a teen movie and was in fact very pleased to see very good acting, good directing, good filming and excellent lines ! If you like teen movies with 12 years old kind of jokes always link to pubes and excrement, do not watch Fired Up ! The acting is really good here and the lines are just so good, I found myself and my flatmates reusing them..

    I actually watched this movie a second time and spotted things I did not even notice during the first viewing ! I mean the details and the number of characters with their very specific personality amazed me. This movie is rich and you will definitely think that it only lasted 30 minutes.

    I read many comments comparing this movie to others but, I would say that in terms of "how good the lines are", I would compare it to Wedding Crasher, plus the main actors are really coordinated and it adds to the credibility of the movie.

    It will definitely cheer you up and is the perfect movie to relax. Even the soundtrack is good and various.
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    I reluctantly went to a private screening of this the other day, and found myself laughing quite a bit. Although the premise is as lame as it gets, it's the characters that save this one. They poke at high school stereotypes most of the time, which I found pretty dull, but there are many moments where the lines are executed hilariously making it entertaining for the most part. If you've seen Eric Christian Olsen from other movies and enjoyed his faces and humor, you would find this one amusing as well. The acting is definitely not the best I've ever seen, seems way too forced at times, and the situations can get kind of ridiculous, but like I said- for me, it wasn't how the movie set up the humor, but the animated expressions and characterizations throughout that made me sit through and still enjoy this one. Still worth watching at least once, in my opinion.
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    I was pretty skeptical about this movie, the previews when it was in theaters seemed repetitive so I didn't have much expectation for it and was actually surprised about how much I ended up enjoying it. I saw it with my boyfriend who was sure this was going to be more of a chick flick but he was laughing more than I was so it might be slightly more entertaining for guys.

    The movie is about two high school jocks who decide they want to skip football camp in favor of a cheerleading camp. The idea started off as a joke, which was a relief because it would not have been as realistic and therefore not as entertaining. The movie, as it states, is in fact not a cheerleading movie for the most part. They do have some pretty good cheerleading routines at the end. It had some goofy moments that could have been toned down and would have been funnier. As someone stated before there were a lot of great one-liners that you didn't expect to be that funny. The changes in the 2 main characters are very believable, which seems like it would be hard to pull off in that situation, so that was refreshing. The music was very tastefully done and it was very funny to see how the guys viewed the world.

    The actors playing the two guys are actually pretty good, had great facial expressions and funny reactions, they had great on-screen chemistry as best friends and went very well together. Their cheerleading teammates as a group were funny as well, though one of them seemed a little too out of place. The girl who plays the sister of one of the guys is extremely annoying and totally wrong for the part, her face never stopped scrunching up and her acting was pretty bad. The rival team is a bit extreme and looked like they were trying too hard to play the villains and their leader got way too much attention with few lines just because she is very hot. Other than that and a few unnecessary tidbits in the movie I had a good time watching it and recommend it to anyone with a light sense of humor.
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    I saw this film with my two friends best friends, and we all LOVED this film! I was expecting it to be just crude 'opposite-of-funny' humor the whole way through, but I nearly laughed at every single part of the film! The plot is hilarious and genius, and its one of those films where there's always a part that makes a person laugh!

    The characters are also a great addition to giving this film a good grade.

    There's the jocks, gay guys, lesbians, cheaters, and guys who have to wear mascot costumes the entire time!

    I loved this movie, so I give it a 9.3/10!
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    I remember when I first saw the trailer for this teen comedy flick a couple years ago I thought I'd never ever watch it in my life. Little did I know it was actually quite entertaining and funny. The TV spots were even more disadvantageous to my cinematic tastes. Even so, it was recommended to me by a fellow movie buff, so I gave it a peek.

    Fired Up! starts out at a fictitious high school in Illinois. Ironically the mascot for the team is the same as my high school alma mater, the Tigers. Although it didn't take place at the same high school in Illinois, the field and school logo resembled some nostalgia. This film is basically about two popular high school football players that have the bright idea to attend cheerleader camp. "2 guys. 300 girls. You do the math." Not knowing what they're in for, they actually end up having feelings for two of the cheerleaders and enjoy cheering. I know, it sounds kinda like a romantic comedy at this point, but it's really not. Throughout the movie the two jocks crack jokes and seduce girls at an alarming rate. It's quite entertaining really.

    Nicholas D'Agosto plays the dark-haired fellow named Shawn Colfax. He's appeared in several small TV roles and more recently in movies. I'm most familiar with him being Hunter from NBC's The Office, who is Jan's receptionist (Michael Scott's boss at the time). Haha that musical CD his character had during the Dinner Party episode was hilarious. D'Agosto will also be appearing in Final Destination 5 this August. The trailer looks pretty cool. I thought D'Agosto did a fine job in Fired Up!.

    The other blonde-haired jock is played by Eric Christian Olsen, his character's name is Nick Brady. He's most notably from 2001′s Not Another Teen Movie where he plays "The Cocky Blonde Guy." Makes sense.

    The director of Fired Up! is Will Gluck. Although I have never seen it and probably should (probably cause it's a rom-com), he directed Easy A, starring Emma Stone. He also directed Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, which comes out next Friday, July 22nd.

    Overall I thought this movie was great for our generation of Millennials. As unfortunate as it may be we grew up with MTV and silly slap-stick raunchy comedies. I can totally understand why the critics gave it a bad rap. As reluctant as I am to rate it a "Four Star Rating," it will only be getting a six. The acting was sloppy and the only thing that kept me interested at times was all the cheerleading eye-candy.

    6/10 Stars.
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    You take the cheerleading clips from Bring It On and the typical "let's get laid" plot from American Pie, you get Fired Up.

    It starts off the same as a typical raunchy comedy about two jocks just trying to get laid as much as they can. When Nick (Eric Christian Olsen) and Shawn (Nicholas D'Agosto) decide to go to cheer camp instead of football camp, they find themselves with three hundred horny girls and their entire world turned-upside-down.

    Shawn falls for Carly (Sarah Roemer; recognized from Disturbia) and Nick falls for Diora (Molly Sims), who is married to the leader of the camp. At the halfway point of the movie, the film turns over a new leaf, as well as Nick and Shawn, and becomes something more than your average teen comedy about sex and stupid jokes.

    I laughed quite a bit more than I expected to when I saw the trailer for the movie. Bits shown in the trailer do not do the comedy of the film justice. It is so much more than just a comedy, as well, it's a warm tale that proves anyone can do anything if they just believe in themselves.

    It's inspiring, laughable, fun and romantic all-in-one. Aside from some profanities and small nudity, it's for all audiences, I think.
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    Honestly, this movie's promos and advertisements don't inspire very high expectations but I was pleasantly surprised about how much I honestly enjoyed this movie. I think the difference between this teen comedy and other more run of the mill teen comedies is the actual love and sincerity behind this one.

    The cast also brings the script to life with excellent chemistry, especially between the two mains and the main girl. If not for the good chemistry a lot of the comedy would have been lost in teen movie clichés. They all have great comedic timing and it really makes this movie.

    This is a serious 'don't knock it til you try it' movie.
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    So, you like Bring It On/sports movies in general and/or you like teen comedies, but maybe not the really gross ones. You're thinking about going to Fired Up!, but you've seen a lot of bad things said about the movie.

    Well, I've seen a lot of stereotyping going on in those reviews, so I thought I'd follow the pattern.

    Why the Stereotypical Male Might Like This Movie:

    -There's lots of football references.

    -There's two cool guys who get a lot of girls but aren't complete assholes.

    -The premise: Two guys having sex with as many hot chicks as they can. -The "buddy movie" aspect.

    -There's hot, flexible chicks.

    -There's lesbians.

    Why the Stereotypical Female Might Like This Movie:

    -Cheerleader movie, duh.

    -The main characters are two hot guys.

    -It shows that lots of sex with random people isn't always best.

    -It shows that, yeah, girls want hot, athletic guys, but they also like them to be smart and sensitive.

    -It shows girls are people, too.

    -There's bromance.

    -There's gay guys.

    And Why Everyone Should Like the Movie:

    -There are some great morals, including how guys learning what's important and how they really feel about girls in general.

    -The jokes are often creative and very funny. The dialogue is as real as a movie like this can make it.

    -It's not nearly as sexual as one would expect from the premise, managing to capture a lot without being gross or overdone.

    -It doesn't take itself too seriously.

    -The actors do a surprisingly good job.

    -It's predictable, but never boring.

    -The ending is very satisfying.
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    Here in Italy was not released on theaters but only played on satellite television, and i can't understand why, maybe because it doesn't feature big names;anyway it's just hilarious!!! Thus it might not be a big production it surely shows what good ideas, great lines and good actors can deliver. Not to mention the soundtrack, a compilation of song of all genres picked with the very right taste. Kudos to all the cast and crew, they did an amazing job; every time the satellite movie channel plays this movie i get stuck and i can't leave it till the end titles (guess i've seen it already 3 or 4 times...) WATCH IT!!! you will laugh your a.. off, guaranteed. Hope those young actors will have more roles in the future, they are very good.
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    ---There might be a spoiler following--- I don't get why its 6/10 rated :P I loved this movie of the best i've seen in sometime..the chemistry between Nick and Shawn was Extremely GOOD! THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN actually...good going there... Don't get caught up with the cheer leading thing, there ain't too much of that anw! :P Yeah the plot ain't really good but (again) the chemistry of Nick and Shawn was awesome :P The ONLY thing i didn't like was Poppy (the little sister)and the naked dancing scene :P i thought it was..weird :S

    PS: I know its not actually a review, most likely a comment but i HAD to say this :P
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    I just saw this flick and I have to say I didn't mind it. I was looking forward to it, but wasn't expecting too much.

    Now it didn't blow me away, but it has it's fair share of laughs. I would love to be in the position of the two main lads, at a cheerleading camp with 300 hot girls! Count me in! But alas in reality such an event rarely occurs, so thank god for movies like this where we can pretend that it's real! Most characters were hilarious, especially Dr. Dick (his name is really Rick but he just looks like such a Dick to me). Although I love the lead actors, aren't they a little old for high school? Come to think of it, all the actors and actresses all looked in their late 20's. What's up with that? Overall I enjoyed the movie, but the story progression felt rushed, therefore sacrificing depth in character building. But hey it's just a fun cheerleading movie. Just sit back and enjoy the view :)
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    greed style

    It seems the positive reviews are based on the fact that the reviewers were going in expecting the absolute worst. And because they didn't get the absolute worst, they are willing to give the movie a decent 5+ rating. Well, I'm not so easy. Sure the screening was free, and I expected a dreadful movie, but just because it is one notch above dreadful doesn't mean I'm giving it a 5+ rating. I'm giving it the rating I would have given it had I chose to go see and paid the $10 and given over 90 minutes of my life.

    There isn't much positive to say about this movie, but what little there is I'll say first. There are a few smiles in the movie, but if you've seen the trailer you've seen 80% of them. There are some pop culture references that are mildly amusing as well, and a few moments where the movie makes fun of itself. But these moments are few and far between. Now for the bad.

    The plot is beyond predictable. There is no surprises or interest or suspense. The casting is creepy/bad. When you have a 31 year old actor making moves on a 16 year old, it is disquieting. Generally the quality of acting is passable, but given the source material it is impossible to say whether these people have any real talent or not. The look of the film is low budget, and editing hurried. I don't think anyone took any pride in making this one, it's prolly a movie people did for the paycheck and the paycheck alone. The dialog 99% of the time is bad. The marketing people keep trying to tie this one to the wedding crashers, but don't be fooled. The two leads in the Wedding crashers were from a different and markedly superior comedic gene pool. And the scripts are much different in quality. Not that the Wedding Crashers was genius, but it was decent. The final thing that bugged me was the makers cutting the film for a PG-13 rating. I guess their hoping that young people will make this profitable. American Pie worked because they went for the R rating and could be edgy and push things. PG-13 means that anything except the mildest of sexual innuendo is verboten. Boring and sanitized.

    So, if you're really keen on this movie, wait for the DVD. That way it'll cost less and you can fast forward. It's really not worth $10 and 90 minutes.
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    Cherry The Countess

    I was really worried the first time I went to see this movie. I was thinking it was going to be one of those "all funny parts are shown in the previews" kind of flick. Pleasantly surprised. I laughed the entire way through and bought this flick the day it came out on DVD. Now on the 10th time through I am still smiling and laughing. Very Cliché but still a great show. I would recommend this one to any one. The chemistry between the actors is great. This is one of those "need to be in the library" videos. Some of the best lines are from nick, and got to admit I find myself quoting them. Risk it to get the biscuit Prohibidabido Baby
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    Sadaron above the Gods

    A high school movie starring two dudes who are in their late 20s early 30s. Unfreakin'believable.. and you know what.. it has its funny moments but yes, for the most part it's like anything we've seen before. The only attraction,… well at least to us male audiences everywhere, is the many hot girls who are in this freakin' thing.. the movie indeed does a good job of making us we wish we could be the lead characters, Nick and Shawn. FIRED UP is another teenage sex comedy that's a mix of Bring It On and American Pie without a chance of ever becoming a classic like those two titles.

    FIRED UP is not necessarily one of those comedy movies where they only get funny in the previews/trailers.. like I said, it does have some funny moments thanks to the cockiness Nick and Shawn and their beef with Dr. Rick, the a-hole character who thinks he's all that, resulting in slurring smartass dumb remarks. Nick's attempts of getting close to Molly Shannon, who by the way looks absolutely bangin' in this movie, certainly worth the comic relief. On the other hand, John Michael Higgins who is supposed to be the funny one out of the bunch is too over the top and it is obvious that veteran actor Philip Baker Hall who plays the football coach, desperately needs a paycheck or is low on cash, otherwise he wouldn't have associated himself with this gig at all. I even feel sorry that his character says the S word so many times and yet none of them are funny.

    Once again, I cannot emphasize enough that this movie has nothing much going but those many attractive girls and it does a good job of showcasing them. It's not rated R but it's very eye candy for PG-13. Nothing original about the buddy storyline, the usual plan, executing that plan, plan gets busted, change of plan and end of story. Some of the characters created are quite interesting like the lesbian cheerleaders, the guy who looks straight but actually gay, and some few surprising situations. The competition at the end could be a bit more intense, thrilling rather than just mediocre. But somehow I got this bad feeling that someone somewhere is going to stupidly come up with an idea of making a direct-to-DVD sequel and whole franchise out of this. Let's hope that's not the case.

    --Rama's SCREEN--
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    If you want to see a high school teen comedy with sexy girls in nearly every frame of this movie, look no further! This movie was exactly what I wanted, a relaxed good time movie that I can enjoy during and not have a discussion about it after wards, also the really sexy ladies especially Danneel Harris didn't hurt either.

    Although most of these actors are clearly older than high school students, they do look young so it isn't too difficult to see them in these roles. If you enjoyed American Pie and bring it on, this felt like a mix between the two.

    It is about two young footballer who decide to join the cheerleading team so they can get with as many girls as they could but over the course of the movie they find themselves and learn what they truly enjoy and stop there immature ways. Sure it's been done 100's of times before but it was still enjoyable and the jokes and hotties helped lol. Several good side characters that really drive this movie forward without much boring parts at all, it is very fast paced and the times flies by while watching.

    If you enjoy a Sunday afternoon comedy that you don't need to think much about look no further than Fired Up!

    8/10 ~XTC
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    Giving the movie a 7 and the DVD a 9 for an 8 average. This is how you make a predictable teen comedy work - keep your foot on the gas at all times, even through the end credits. There's about 120 minutes worth of script packed in to 90 minutes here and most of that is carried well by the capable (if playing well beyond age) leading men. At least one repeat viewing is necessary.

    Most of the failings of the film are addressed openly in the DVD commentary, hence my higher rating. Everything from poor location scouting to keeping large nostrils tilted down gets discussed (and banana pants is the secret phrase). The biggest mistake brought up being the push to get a PG-13 rating for a movie almost exclusively about sex. Some of that works for laughs, though, as the substitute swear words are always more entertaining than their standard counterparts.

    In the end everyone wins and everyone is a better person. Did I mention it was predictable? But the jokes are funny and not overworked, and the women are beautiful. A great movie to have running in the background when you can't decide what to watch.
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    If you're looking to raise your Intelligence Quotient a few points, you're probably not going to want to devote much time to "Fired Up!" (if anything, you're likely to LOSE a few points if you commit yourself to watching it). If, however, you're in the market for an endearingly mindless, good-natured sex romp, then you could do a whole lot worse than this low-budget teen-movie parody, written by Freedom Jones and directed by Will Gluck and featuring a cast of high-spirited youngsters who make up for in energy what they lack in marquee-name value.

    Nicholas D'Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen play two high school football jocks who are clearly more concerned with scoring off the field than on. To that end, they sign up for a cheerleader camp where they'll have all the hot young babes they could possibly want just for the asking. Before you know it, however, along with perfecting their lifts and splits, the two horny lads have discovered a sensitive, caring side to their personalities that they never knew existed before.

    There isn't much to be said about "Fired Up!" except that it manages to be racy without being raunchy, inane without being flat-out stupid. Indeed, in the final analysis, it's the open-hearted innocence and lack of smarm that make this one enjoyable.
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    It's hard for me to even start to review "Fired Up", since it is by far my all time favorite movie.

    It influenced my life and I was never the same after seeing it. It's the gripping tale of two boys who have a heartbreaking problem:

    They have slept with every girl in their school.

    This alone would have been the basis for an Oscar winning script, but this tale goes much further than that. In a plan that can only be described as brilliant, they decide to, instead of soccer camp, go to cheer leading camp.

    Now I have seen many a cheer-leading movie, mostly revolving around showering, but this one has so much more heart. The boys learn lessons which will stick with them for a life time.

    This movie is filled with quotes that you will repeat with your friends for a lifetime to come and will fill your heart with a childlike wonder that can only be found in dreams.

    It's a great movie to watch with kids, a girlfriend, the boys and your conservative parents. WATCH IT, you will not regret it.


    Sebastiaan van Waardenberg

    ps. The only movie that even comes close to the brilliance in this epic masterpiece is the directors cut of "Sex Drive". But THAT is a distant second.

    ps2. If I had to state one thing that bugged me about the movie, only to have some form of critique, it's that Liam Neeson wasn't in it, but you can't have it all.

    ps3. if the creators of the movie read this review: MAKE A PREQUEL.
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    One of an increasing trend in American films today, namely a well made but empty and poorly written film that exists purely to generate some sort of cash flow between the various parties where the audience is ripped off both by paying to see it and then by being asked to buy the turkey again on home video (Perhaps the posters all over Manhattan that had huge F's and U's and the rest of the title in tiny letters are the best description of the producers attitude toward their audience). The plot has two football players refusing to go to the spring training camp because it was moved to Texas where there are no girls and instead heading off to cheerleader camp where its all women. Lowest common denominator film-making strikes again. I'm not going to say that the film isn't funny, but it is rather one note. Once everything is set up you know how its going to go and because the script is so limited in its premise the jokes aren't anything that you can't figure out. I was amused for a brief instant but that was it. Its the sort of movie that that struck me as having made by several people I went to school with- where they wanted to know what the bare minimum was for a passing grade, this is the same way. If you ever want to know what the bare minimum for a lowest common denominator film aimed at purely taking you money is where you'll laugh a bare minimum of times and be able to say that the film doesn't totally stink, this is it.
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    Originally I thought, due to the posters, that this movie was called 'FU' and after watching I thought "What an appropriate title it has, for its unfortunate viewers." OK, 'Fired Up!' isn't really that bad. It's just not good. The jokes can be seen 5 minutes before they show up, the movie's plot is as predictable as a Presidential election and they ask us to suspend our disbelief way too far. We are to believe that these two fast-talking BFF guys have been with every single girl in their high school, and what's more, every single girl there apparently is so incredibly dumb for falling for any one of the utterly lame and transparent lines these guys give out. Sure, I found myself chuckling at maybe 3 (out of hundreds) in the entire movie. I just can't believe the girls are this stupid. Lo and behold, the movie introduces one (ONE) female that doesn't fall for their fake charm and that foreshadowed storyline is so painfully obvious, I was laughing. At the film, not with. Two (very straight – trust me, we're told this dozens of times) football guys, who's every waking second involves thoughts of and/or activities with the opposite sex, decide to ditch the game to go to cheerleader camp so they can continue, well, the same. While there, comedy ensues! Okay, not really, but if you haven't seen this hundredth-time over sitcom act, then maybe it is funny to you. And speaking of which, despite this labeled as "Unrated," I barely saw or heard anything above a mild-R rating. This was tamer than even the roughly imitated 'American Pie.' I will give the film credit for not entirely gay bashing, even showing a slight bit of acceptance towards the end, despite all the countless gay stereotypes.