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Future (2012) HD online

Future (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Thriller
Original Title: Future
Director: Kumar Sravan
Writers: Sashank Kanagala,Sravan Kumar
Released: 2012
Budget: INR 15,000
Duration: 19min
Video type: Movie
The story about a girl who lives in a house with a friend. This girl receives a call from an unexpected number called FUTURE, the story runs around on her FUTURE calling her and trying to convince that it is really her FUTURE calling and later how FUTURE is trying to tell her things that are about to happen in just minutes and trying to save her life.
Credited cast:
Sravan Kumar Sravan Kumar - Servant
Prachi Sharan Prachi Sharan - Jessy
Roopa Shree Roopa Shree - Akankhsa
Vinod Varma Vinod Varma - Mr.Future