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The Crab (2009) HD online

The Crab (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Short / Thriller
Original Title: The Crab
Director: Gary Delaney
Writers: Gary Delaney
Released: 2009
Budget: £1,000
Duration: 15min
Video type: Creative Work
A young woman known only to MI5 by her code name is seen breaking into a garage on a remote part of the countryside. Inside there are signs that someone had been interrogated in there. She hides her mobile phone and gun in the cluttered shelving and leaves. She carefully approaches the home of notorious gangland leader Mickey Stanton from the rear through a forest. Although she notices the trip wires in the grounds the security system is activated and she is captured. Stanton demands to know who she is and who she works for but she isn't talking. She is taken away and we discover than she has been taken to the remote garage where she previously visited. She is interrogated and badly beaten but still she refuses to talk. Her captors soon discover that this is no ordinary woman and in a few well timed seconds she overpowers her captors and renders them useless. She retrieves her gun and phone and calls for her accomplices to come and clean up behind her. She returns to the unguarded ...
Credited cast:
Sean Boothman Sean Boothman - Agent X
Dane Brookes Dane Brookes - Danny
Dave Gilliver Dave Gilliver - Security Guy
Ed Green Ed Green - Mickey Stanton
Dave Hughes Dave Hughes - Agent Z
Klem Mayr-Mauhart Klem Mayr-Mauhart - Thug
Jodie Wilson-Smith Jodie Wilson-Smith - The Crab