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The Giving Tree (1973) HD online

The Giving Tree (1973) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Short / Family
Original Title: The Giving Tree
Director: Charlie Hayward
Writers: Shel Silverstein
Released: 1973
Duration: 10min
Video type: Movie
A boy and a tree grow old together.
Credited cast:
Shel Silverstein Shel Silverstein - Narrator (voice)

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    Animated short based on Shel Silverstein's classic children's book "The Giving Tree." Silverstein provides narration over crude animation with a harmonica playing in the background. The story, for those who never read the book, is about the relationship between a boy and an apple tree throughout the boy's life. The boy starts out playing with the tree but, as he grows older, he spends less time with his tree friend. At various points in his life he returns to the tree after a long absence. Instead of playing with his friend, however, he just tells it about his problems and asks for things. Each time the tree gives part of itself to make the boy happy. I won't spoil how it ends but it's very thought-provoking and not your average children's story. There are many interpretations out there about the meaning behind this story and what or who the tree represents. I suppose that's the beauty of it and the genius of Shel Silverstein that you can view it so many different ways. It's a great little story that gives you a lot to think about. Definitely worth a look if you can find it.