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Kondid The Hot Dog in the Competition (2005–2017) HD online

Kondid The Hot Dog in the Competition (2005–2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance
Original Title: The Hot Dog in the Competition
Director: Dwight H. Little
Writers: Hart Hanson,Kathy Reichs
Released: 2005–2017
Duration: 44min
Video type: TV Episode
Dixie ex-con Finn Abernathy, a genius, joins the team and impresses even Bones. He has to face hard questions about his past and morality but soon bonds with initially hostile Hodges. The case is that of a female eating competitions champion, whose corpse is being eaten from the inside by a live snake. Booth concentrates on her rivals for the impending Gluttony Games, a premiere with a $10,000 prize, her husband and hard-handed manager Brian Tobin. Everyone tries to make Bones understand she must take account of Booth's emotions as a proud father-to-be.
Episode complete credited cast:
Emily Deschanel Emily Deschanel - Temperance Brennan
David Boreanaz David Boreanaz - Seeley Booth
Michaela Conlin Michaela Conlin - Angela Montenegro
Tamara Taylor Tamara Taylor - Camille Saroyan
T.J. Thyne T.J. Thyne - Jack Hodgins (as TJ Thyne)
John Francis Daley John Francis Daley - Lance Sweets
Patricia Belcher Patricia Belcher - Caroline Julian
Luke Kleintank Luke Kleintank - Finn Abernathy
Brad Grunberg Brad Grunberg - Mitch Clancy
Paul Hewitt Paul Hewitt - Greg Thomas
Joel McCrary Joel McCrary - Brian Tobin
Skyler Stone Skyler Stone - Rod Patterson
Pat Crawford Brown Pat Crawford Brown - Landlady
Alice Rietveld Alice Rietveld - Trim Young Woman

The new "Squintern," Finn Abernathy, played by Luke Kleintank, is wearing a hat throughout, apparently for the Carolina Mudcats of Zebulon, NC, about a half hour east of Raleigh.

Many times in the episode, the new intern Finn Abernathy calls Hodgins "Thurston", while Hodgins calls him "Opie". These names are references to Opie Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show, and Thurston Howell III from Gilligan's Island. Opie is a child who is usually taught a lesson in each episode, sometimes getting into trouble, but always meaning well. Thurston Howell III is a very pretentious millionaire who expects certain standards to be respected even when stranded on an island. Hodgins and Abernathy will later start a business, on the side, together under the name Opie &Thurston.

Hankfurters was one of the clients in the advertising portfolio of the victim is season 6 episode "The Pinocchio in the Planter".

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    Fin brought a new change to Bones. I love it and would like to see a lot more of Fin in future episodes. He made it seem like anthropology can be realistic dream for others. A person with that type of a back round to become well educated is only a dream for most he makes it seem tangible. I have really enjoyed the series. I have been waiting years to see Bones and Booth together; however, they seemed more in love with each other when they weren't together. Almost like they are trying to hard to be lovers, just let it flow. And Emily congratulations on your new little girl even through the frustrations of sleepless nights you will find joy and pleasure in raising children. God bless you and the cast. Thnk you for bringing excitement to my week. paulajack
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    ...ever. I guess if you've never spoken to or heard someone from the South, the dialog and dialect reminiscent of early 20th century Hollywood southern characters might pass for something other than a cartoon. A genuine trailer trash representative would have sounded, if not smart, at least southern. Please lose this character and bring back some of the other squinterns or at least explore new ones that have some remote authenticity. I realize this is a fairly silly show, but come on.

    Apparently, a review requires a minimum of 10 lines of text and my rant didn't make the cutoff. I've not actually made it to the end of this episode yet, but the moronic dialog and delivery were so bad I had to start writing to divert my attention so that I might make it to the end. Maybe he'll get offed or get diverted to prison by the end of the episode. That would be lovely. And maybe this makes my review long enough to pass muster.

    Time has passed and I've now finished the episode. It looks like this character is poised to come back and, after seeing him develop over the course of the episode, I... can't pretend to have changed my mind. Awful is all I can say. But hey. Maybe I can save the occasional hour of my life when I turn on Bones, only to discover that this character is featured.