» » Hikaru no go Shôbi ha hitori (2001–2003)

Hikaru no go Shôbi ha hitori (2001–2003) HD online

Hikaru no go Shôbi ha hitori (2001–2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Fantasy / Sport
Original Title: Shôbi ha hitori
Director: Shin'ichi Masaki,Jun Kamiya
Writers: Yumi Hotta,Takeshi Obata
Released: 2001–2003
Duration: 23min
Video type: TV Episode
On the recommedation of a fellow Go player, Hikaru, Waya and Isumi try out a new Go Salon that's different from the rest. There, Hikaru's ignorance about the strength of Korean Go Players is discovered. Insulted by that fact, Su-yong, a Korean insei, challenges Hikaru.
Episode credited cast:
Tomoko Kawakami Tomoko Kawakami - Hikaru Shindo (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Susumu Chiba Susumu Chiba - Sai Fujiwara (voice)
Yumi Kakazu Yumi Kakazu - Akari Fujisaki (voice)
Sanae Kobayashi Sanae Kobayashi - Akira Touya (voice)
Scott Perrie Scott Perrie - Akira (voice)
Chantal Strand Chantal Strand - Akari (voice)
Brad Swaile Brad Swaile - Sai Fujiwara (voice)
Sam Vincent Sam Vincent - Hikaru Shindou (voice)