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The Final Night and Day (2011) HD online

The Final Night and Day (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Horror
Original Title: The Final Night and Day
Director: Adam R. Steigert,Stephanie Wlosinski
Writers: Mark Mendola,Adam R. Steigert
Released: 2011
Budget: $20,000
Duration: 1h 17min
Video type: Movie
A group of convicts have found themselves stuck between the living and the bloodthirsty undead. The world as we know it is changing, a deadly virus has hit the United States. In the heart of a ravaged City, a small group of uninfected people team up with a group of convicts to take on the undead. With twist and turns around every corner will they survive the final night and day?
Cast overview, first billed only:
Richard Satterwhite Richard Satterwhite - Marshal Jones
Daniel George Daniel George - Richard Jennings
Kyle Andrews Kyle Andrews - Mo
Sara Manzella Sara Manzella - Lacy
Alexander S. McBryde Alexander S. McBryde - Devin
Michael O'Hear Michael O'Hear - Bill
Stephanie Wlosinski Stephanie Wlosinski - Kendra
Christopher Lee Wroblewski Christopher Lee Wroblewski - Nazi Boy George (as Chris Wroblewski)
John M. Przybysz John M. Przybysz - Little John
Mark Mendola Mark Mendola - Axe
Terry Kimmel Terry Kimmel - Clay
Timothy Dugan Timothy Dugan - Pete Powers
Nicholas John Morgan Anderson Nicholas John Morgan Anderson - Nick
Bob Bozek Bob Bozek - Henry (as Robert Bozek)
Sherri Lyn Litz Sherri Lyn Litz - Hill Billy Jill

Reviews: [8]

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    Without a doubt this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. Adam Steigert should apologize for making this film. To start off the acting in this movie is god awful. They display no emotion and you don't even care about any of the characters. The best actors in the movie are a group of geese they walk by. The writing is horrible and full of plot holes. There are no redeeming qualities in this movie. The only reason you should watch this movie is if you want to practice your mystery science theater routine. This movie is that bad. The way the people in the movie behave is idiotic. It amazes me that the people in the movie even survived 10 minutes. This movie is pure garbage and I believe ever copy of this movie should be destroyed.
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    The Final Night and Day grabs you and keeps you on your toes through it's duration. The dramatic relationships that develop between the characters throughout the film captures the audience and doesn't let go! Many struggles are presented in this film, not only man vs. monster, but man vs. himself. Plot twists at every turn ensure an enjoyable experience that will keep your attention. With an impressive cast and talented crew, The Final Night and Day promises an experience not soon to be forgotten! The stunning visual effects add a certain flare to a film of this genre. Congrats to the cast and crew for a job well done.
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    A noble effort by writers but the actors are horrible. They lack intensity to a very intense situation. The soundtrack was pretty good which at times was the only action in the film. The effects were not horrible, but could be way better according to a twenty thousand dollar budget. Definitely exaggerated. A great film done on much, much less of a budget was the original Evil Dead. If you want a laughable independent film with zero vision then look no further. Forgive me if I sound harsh, but seriously? I have made short films for projects back in college days as a lark that fared better than this towards my grade. loll. A budget this big with a bunch of unknowns with obviously no formal training. What was the budget for? wow.
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    "The Final Night and Day" is the latest locally-produced film to come out of Buffalo. The third feature film from Deftone Pictures Studios and director Adam Stiegert, the zombie epic follows the struggle of a prison guard that not only has to deal with unruly prisoners, but also the undead.

    During a routine prison transport, an accident occurs. With the prison bus disabled, and one guard dead, the remaining guards, including Richard Jennings (Daniel George) and Marshall Jones (Richard Satterwhite, Release the Funy), decide to walk the prisoners to town. The hungry undead soon find the entourage, and cause the group to split up.

    "The Final Night and Day" is different from the typical Hollywood zombie film as it closely follows and builds on the human factor of the apocalypse. How would humanity react to the dead coming back to life? Would we all work together, or turn on each other? The society that is created by some of the survivors turns out to be a cruel, Roman-style community, complete with a Colosseum. Its emperor-like leader rules with an iron fist.

    For a low budget, indie film, the effects of "The Final Night and Day" are incredible. Special Effects and Make-up supervisor Rod Durick (Zombiefied Studios, Born to Die and Slime City Massacre) works magic with a low budget, creating ghoulish, fantastic-looking zombies, facial scars, and gunshots to rival they're big budget Hollywood brothers. For one particular scene in the film, there is a road filled with over 400 bloodied, hungry undead, with cars flipped, debris filling the street. Filmed on a single day in the small town of Angola, NY, Durick, along with the help of a few assistants, applied Hollywood-style make-up to all 400+ extras from the town who showed up to help the film out.

    The film looks fantastic for such a low-budget affair, rivaling quality of several million dollar productions, with make-up that would make zombie-legend George Romero proud. Filmed in and around Buffalo, NY, the film features the fictional city of Metzburg, a location talked about in previous Deftone Pictures Studios films "Gore" and "Bitez".

    While the film has spectacular make-up, effects, and story, there is one weak point: acting. Some actors perform very well, including Chris Wroblewski (Born to Die and Slime City Massacre) as Nazi Boy George, and Richard Satterwhite as Marshall Jones. These actors really draw you into the story and make you root for their character (even the truly evil Nazi Boy George). These two are the real standouts of the film. Other actors though, need to tone their craft a bit in future projects. Now before I go on, many of the actors in this film are NOT professional actors, they act as a hobby, or even as a favor to the director. I would have liked to have seen a better performance from Kyle Andrews (as Mo), but a particular scene explaining his back story shows a stronger performance. Had he been able to channel that throughout the film, I feel his character would be more likable. The other actor I would like to have seen an improvement from would be Daniel George (as lead character Richard Jennings). This is George's first film, and like Andrews, he has strong scenes and weak scenes. I particularly liked the opening scenes with Jennings learning about the convicts. I, however, felt that some scenes, particularly when he is talking to the crowd at the Pit, seem very scripted, almost as if he is reading from cue cards. I am sure that Mr. George will be able to improve his acting skills in future projects, and look forward to seeing him in perhaps Deftone Pictures Studios next feature.

    Taking everything into consideration, I would say that "The Final Night and Day" is by far the best locally-produced indie film that I have seen to date, by far Adam Steigerts best film. I look forward to his next feature, which I've been told will be filming this Fall. I give the film Four out of Five stars.
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    THE FINAL NIGHT AND DAY Is a familiar indie zombie flick shot in New York state. It might better be called CONVICTS VS. ZOMBIES. The tale begins on a poor footing with a bunch of manacled convicts being herded through the woods when they're set upon by a horde of the living dead. Later, the pace improves when the action shifts to the city, and there's at least one impressive sequence with a zombie herd which must have been difficult to stage on an indie budget. There's plenty of blood here and the experience is somehow endearing despite the over-familiarity of it all.
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    Although this film was not well received on a large scale, I don't think it was meant to be. What I do know is it was a made with an extremely low budget (much less than what Hollywood considers "low budget")- this might be considered "no budget. Considering its a first time experimental film project created by a very young man; and I don't think it was meant to contend with other 'serious' Hollywood films. That said, I think Adam did a decent job with what he had to work with in Buffalo, NY (although the film is mostly shot in the extremely small town of Tonawanda, NY). Lets see what he does next and go from there. For anyone who thinks they are a film buff just because they have seen a bunch of films, yet have never tried to make a film, I suggest you give it a shot. Films are much easier to criticize than to make.
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    "The Final Night and Day" is the latest creation of DefTone Pictures Studios. Zombified Studios provides excellent special effects and zombie make up.

    The story grips you from the start and takes you on an ever evolving struggle for power between 8 inmates, 3 corrections officers and a band of survivors.

    DefTone Pictures Studios pulls out all the stops and goes for broke. Over 1200 cast and crew, the largest independent film ever made in Buffalo, NY! The sets are elaborate and story is action filled.

    If you like zombie films. this is a must watch.
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    This will be a classic zombie movie. Just remember it is an independent, low budget movie and not a Hollywood mega budget event. Special effects are far above what you think could be done for the budget. It has resemblance of Alfred Hitchock The Birds as the viewer really doesn't know why it started, along with the ending not coming to full resolution. And like other horror, sci-fi and even Titanic, it focuses on just one person getting away to safety. For the movie summary, the main characters of a few correction officers and inmates are forced to work together to overcome a never ending wave of zombies. Confronting another group of normal people with using zombies for personal entertainment adds to the complexity.