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Evil Inside! (2005) HD online

Evil Inside! (2005) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Horror
Original Title: Evil Inside!
Director: Jacob Hendrix
Writers: Jacob Hendrix
Released: 2005
Budget: $20,000
Duration: 1h 12min
Video type: Creative Work
A group of high school friends go on a weekend camping trip. While exploring the surrounding woods, one of the teens unknowingly unleashes an evil force. Zombies rise from the nearby graveyard and begin attacking the teens.
Cast overview:
Micah Shane Ballinger Micah Shane Ballinger - Isaac
Megan Alexis Megan Alexis - Michelle
Brian F. Otting Brian F. Otting - Zach (as Nar Williams)
Boo Friedmann Boo Friedmann - Briana

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    This movie has a typical premise: high school students out in the woods. The teens party, tell ghost stories, have sex, get lost in the woods and then get attacked by zombies. The film has a couple of moments that make you jump, but for the most part, its just some campy fun. My biggest problem with the film is that the director seems like he didn't know for sure what he was doing. There were often bad or boring angles. He used a wide shot mostly throughout the film. The acting was actually good for a b-movie. The actors dug into their roles and really seemed to be having a good time playing them. This movie is much better after you have had a couple drinks, definitely!