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Checkmate TV Show Season II HD online

Checkmate TV Show Season II  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Game Show
Original Title: Checkmate TV Show Season II
Budget: £200,000
Video type: TV Series
Checkmate TV Show is for the uninitiated it is an introduction to a fascinating world of Chess. For the experienced player it is an opportunity to learn more. This is a 6 x 30 minute programme, men vs women in a specially staged Chess tournament.
Credited cast:
Anna Richardson Anna Richardson - Presenter
Alexandra Kosteniuk Alexandra Kosteniuk -
Marya Muzychuk Marya Muzychuk -
Anna Muzychuk Anna Muzychuk -
Pia Cramling Pia Cramling -
Aryan Tari Aryan Tari -
David Smerdon David Smerdon -
Maxim Rodshtein Maxim Rodshtein -
Elisabeth Paethz Elisabeth Paethz -
Richard Rapport Richard Rapport -
Nigel Short Nigel Short -
Simon Williams Simon Williams - Presenter