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Fooling Their Wives (1913) HD online

Fooling Their Wives (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: Fooling Their Wives
Director: Arthur Hotaling
Released: 1913
Video type: Movie
Brown, Jones, Smith and Black are camping. The wives of the first three find things rather dull. They decide to take their turns when the men come back. They do. The husbands think they will have a fine time with their wives away, but they get lonesome and try to scare the women back to town by posing as tramps and attacking the camp. It's a good scheme, but it works the wrong way, for the women chase them from the camp and run them up to their necks into the lake, where they reveal their identities. They are permitted to come out again and all start for home.
Cast overview:
Mae Hotely Mae Hotely
Bobby Burns Bobby Burns - (as Robert Burns)
Walter Stull Walter Stull
Frances Ne Moyer Frances Ne Moyer

Released as a split reel along with the comedy Quarantined (1913).