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Yellow Lily (1928) HD online

Yellow Lily (1928) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Yellow Lily
Director: Alexander Korda
Writers: Lajos Biró,Garrett Graham
Released: 1928
Duration: 1h 5min
Video type: Movie
Cast overview:
Billie Dove Billie Dove - Judith Peredy
Clive Brook Clive Brook - Archduke Alexander
Gustav von Seyffertitz Gustav von Seyffertitz - Kinkelin
Marc McDermott Marc McDermott - Archduke Peter
Nicholas Soussanin Nicholas Soussanin - Dr. Eugene Peredy
Eugenie Besserer Eugenie Besserer - Archduchess
Jane Winton Jane Winton - Mademoiselle Julie
Károly Huszár Károly Huszár - Mayor of Tarna (as Charles Puffy)

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    Billie Dove stars as a beautiful country girl who catches the eye of a roguish archduke (Clive Brook) while visiting her brother who is the local doctor. He's easily bored with his conquests and is trying to get rid of an actress (Jane Winton) to turns dramatic and threatens to kill herself if he sends her away. He sends her away so she swallows a vial of poison and collapses dramatically on the steps.

    She's taken to the doctor, but of course she was merely faking. That clears the way for Brook to pursue Love, but she has no interest in him. He holds a fancy ball and invites her and the brother but she eludes all his attempts to corner her in a locked room.

    Finally, he has the doctor called away on a fake medical emergency so he can corner Love in her own house. But the doctor catches on and races back to save his sister. He then confronts the archduke with a pistol but it's knocked out of his hand. Love picks it up and fires just as Brook is about to kill the doctor.

    While Brook hovers between life and death, Love and the doctor are imprisoned. When the archduke's father tries to trick Love into admitting a murder attempt (rather than an accident), she defies his threats and returns to jail. But as the archdukes recovers, he realizes the error of his ways and tries to free Love and the doctor. Will love conquer all? Billie Dove and Jane Winton are gorgeous here, both dark haired and big eyed. Clive Brook has the proper look of cruelty. Gustav von Seyffertitz is sleazy as the assistant. Marc McDermott and Eugenie Besserer are fine as the archduke's parents. Nicholas Soussanin plays the doctor. The sets are impressive, and the costumes lavish. But the story seems a tad familiar. The title refers to the name of a waltz they dance to.