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The Most Unknown (2018) HD online

The Most Unknown (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: The Most Unknown
Director: Ian Cheney
Released: 2018
Duration: 1h 32min
Video type: Movie
The Most Unknown is an epic documentary film that sends nine scientists to extraordinary parts of the world to uncover unexpected answers to some of humanity's biggest questions. How did life begin? What is time? What is consciousness? How much do we really know? By introducing researchers from diverse backgrounds for the first time, then dropping them into new, immersive field work they previously hadn't tackled, the film reveals the true potential of interdisciplinary collaboration, pushing the boundaries of how science storytelling is approached. What emerges is a deeply human trip to the foundations of discovery and a powerful reminder that the unanswered questions are the most crucial ones to pose. Directed by Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Ian Cheney (The Search for General Tso, The City Dark) and advised by world-renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog (Fitzcarraldo, Aguirre, The Wrath of God, Grizzly Man), The Most Unknown is an ambitious look at a side of science...
Credited cast:
Jennifer L. Macalady Jennifer L. Macalady
Luke McKay Luke McKay
Rachel L. Smith Rachel L. Smith - Herself

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    The concept is very good, a scientist from one discipline meets one from another and is introduced to their field of study. Passionate about their own field, they see another's and appreciate the host's subject, sometimes in awe, from an outsider's point of view, albeit the outsider is also a scientist. The host scientist then meets another scientist, again in a different discipline and the story continues. The science in most of the disciplines was very interesting and presented in an easy to understand way. All the scientists were likeable too. Very enjoyable.
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    I personally found it a very interesting and different approach for a Scientific Documentary,

    I did not see Egos, I saw people who were Experts in their own Fields who were excited to explain their serious knowledge and their work to an Expert in a different Scientific Field and then in turn they then became the 'Novice' in the next Field of Science they had to experience for which they had no indepth understanding/expertise.

    What I came away from it with was the fact that Science as a whole has to communicate between all Fields of Expertise to better understand so much more, what ever answers they are all ultimately looking for, and to not assume that only their Field has or will give the answer to all the questions they are all possibly individually looking for or aiming to resolve ultimately, there are other aspects to always consider.

    Said the Non Science Person who failed all her Science O Levels!

    Just my opnion, I enjoyed it :)
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    I was fascinated by most of what was discussed. The film itself was a little choppy and left me wanting to understand more. The concept was delightful. I enjoyed watching them interact with each other and compare schools of thought. It was a little over my head at times so I tried to glean as much as I could. Very interesting stuff! Not perfect but an excellent attempt to give the average Joe a thirst for Science.
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    This documentary doesn't want to explain difficult projects. It doesn't want to make a point or speed through thousands of facts. It just portraits nine scientist passioned about their work. I found the raw insight in the different labs very fascinating. Something you often don't see in this form in other films. You can feel that Werner Herzog was a advisor for the film, wich is awsome.
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    I applaud the filmmakers for producing this film in a unique and original manner. By bringing these scientists from vastly different disciplines together and allowing the audience to see the same wonder and discovery at the same time, we are given insight not only into the theories they are studying but also into the scientific process.

    I like the brave choices in photography and editing which, unlike so many 'documentaries' made today, speaks to the intelligence and imagination of the audience.

    No, the film does not work perfectly on every level. But what film every does?
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    This was more of an introduction to scientists with the most cursory touching on their areas of research. I enjoyed it as that, once I realized we were not going to actually get much science other than elucidating what current questions were being pursued. Probably this would be a good intro to high school kids who are considering careers in scientific fields. I thought the concept of having interdiscisciplinary scientists interview one another was great. The scientists chosen are leaders and were quite personable, not arrogant in the least. I would have preferred to have more details about their work, though.
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    The Most Unknown is a great documentary that focuses on 9 scientists and their research, which covers a wide variety of scientific topics, including dark matter, the neuroscience of consciousness, microbiology in extreme conditions, and many others. Each scientist provides a reasonably accessible explanation of their research interests. However, you definitely have to be competely concentrating to take in all the complex information.
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    Cool to see what different scientists are struggling with. It also added a personal touch to each field of science and made it extra interesting to follow. Definetly has that sense of each scientist trying to impress you with their line of research, kind of like Chef's table. Would have liked it even more if they had more diversity in the choice of science fields but overall recommend it if you are obssesed with science.
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    Some inspiration may be found by some watching this movie. My only wish is that the director could have found some inspiration to include some interesting 'knowns' as well as a whole lot of time to wonder. Like, wonder why I'm watching people putting their boots on, or driving a car to their destination, or getting on a train.

    Sparse and with no real 'ah-ha' moments, the documentary treats you like an idiot, and spends its time on some fanciful idea it is delivering cinematography, when really all I wanted was the meal I ordered.

    Visiting amazing locations, and interviewing scientists engaged in interesting fields of study is completely undermined by insipid lines of questioning and what seems like unprepared and wasted opportunity after opportunity.

    Watch this with your fast-forward button at the ready.
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    By the title and description of this film I was hoping it would be something thought provoking, and maybe i will get to learn something new. But unfortunately it didn't do either.

    It's just 9 people meeting and learning about each other professions. There are hardly any insights or a-ha moments. You could find more interesting people on the train who may teach you a new thing or two.. but not the people in this film.
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    Didn't know what to expect but really enjoyed the doc. Scientists at the frontier of their disciplines meeting other scientists at the frontier of their disciplines to meet, chat, debate, laugh and exchange ideas, thoughts and perspectives. Also get an insight into the work being conducted by the various scientists. Really enjoyed getting to know the scientists/people, their work and motivations.
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    Well, that this film didn't work. The concept was filming meets & greets between scientists. It was superficial and weird. 5/10.
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    Good intentions. Lame results. People who actually care about this kind of documentary, are expecting more deepness throughout the questions approach. They made one scientist sit 8/9 hours into the observatory for nothing. And another one dive 6 hours in a submarine to see basicly one red shrimp. And at neither cases, the show presented something interesting. Nothing...please...let Netflix finance the Cosmos sequel.
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    I find science incredibly interesting...

    However, this documentary is beyond boring!

    It's so poorly explained; my dog could have done a better job. I was continually guessing throughout the documentary on what the whole point was. Only finally when the documentary finished (thank god) did I understand the point of it, which was - NOTHING!

    It was utterly meaningless; as in, the overall point of the 9 scientists from all around the world meeting up was for nothing!

    They simply talked about their particular profession to the former scientist in the documentary. Apart from that... Absolutely NOTHING happened, let alone be discovered!

    Honestly, it was a waste of life... Do yourself a favour, don't bother!

    Listening to paint dry will entertain you infinitely more...

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    Sometimes you don't even want to know the answers to some questions. Not to mention that there is only so much we can remember anyway. Some are more gifted in certain departments (mathematics, physics, remembering stuff and other things) than others. Are you interested in scientific questions? A book might also be a good place to continue to explore that curiosity by the way.

    But if you want a more digestable, short foray into the mindset of some really wicked minds and the things they deal with everyday (or at least most time) and what conclusions they have come up with - well you could do worse. This most likely will not change your life forever - at least that is true for most of the people who'll watch this. If you take more from this than the average viewer though: good for you. Since I watched it on a streaming service I can't tell you if there is a Disc version that has features you may want to explore.
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    By reading the critic's reviews, I can see they have no idea what sciene is about. The film exemplifies the diversity of study fields that the human race is reaching at. It is just a taste, it does not have to go deeper because it just shows how all the mechanisms of science interconnect ans complement themselves. It also shows how scientifics isolate each other from other fields, unlike the Renassainse men who where more wholesome. A very inspiring film for science lovers
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    interactive man

    It's painful to watch these smug individuals. They seam to dvell in their own smartness in every meeting with their own kind. Doesn't com out more than "flatearthers..."
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    Kind of obsessed with Archaea. Also found it very American with a couple of token Europeans thrown in. Science is universal but sometimes approached very narrowly without much of philosophical background by Americans. Belgian psychologist was the one I would would to drink a beer with.

    Overall, I think the segments are too short to really get much out of it other than that fact that these scientists are really passionate about their work.