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The Search Ends  HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror
Original Title: The Search Ends
Director: Daniel Franks
Writers: Daniel Franks
Budget: £2,500
Duration: 1h 20min
Video type: Movie
In 2011, Steve, the Father of a possessed boy, along with Frederick an Exorcist, took his son to the woods to rid him of an evil spirit trapped inside of him which they saw only as a last resort as all else had previously failed. Unbeknown to them, killing the boy only released this evil in to the woods as well as the boy's soul which now roamed around trapped in limbo unable to be freed and rest in peace. A year later, after several reports of seeing the boy, most strongly by an old couple on a walk with their dog, Hal and Annie, along with Wayne and Marie came to these same woods in search him as a large reward was now available. The boy tried to warn them but it was to no avail as Marie became possessed with the evil spirit; she was now being used as a temporary body to get to the boy and claim it back. Marie in all of her peril killed her boyfriend Wayne and attacked her friends before escaping with the boy. Now, after more news reports of more disappearances Derek and Ethel aka '...
Cast overview:
Adam Probets Adam Probets - Hal
Joelah Flintoff Joelah Flintoff - Annie
Errol Smith Errol Smith - Wayne
Steph Reynolds Steph Reynolds - Marie
Pat Brocklehurst Pat Brocklehurst - Ethel
Tony Goodall Tony Goodall - Derek
Keith De'Winter Keith De'Winter - Steve
Ben Sherlock Ben Sherlock - Frederick
Jordana Dionne Wilson Jordana Dionne Wilson - Michelle
Joshua Cunningham Joshua Cunningham - James
Andrew Spencer Andrew Spencer - Man with Dog
Vicki Daniels Vicki Daniels - Man with Dog's Daughter
Alfie Moulson Alfie Moulson - Boy
Maddy Myles Maddy Myles - News Reporter

It took 2 weeks to complete filming.