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And So Life Goes On (2007) HD online

And So Life Goes On (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: And So Life Goes On
Director: Claudine Liss
Writers: Claudine Liss
Released: 2007
Budget: $150,000
Duration: 1h 21min
Video type: Movie
Josephine Magalucci, a young lawyer, has it all brains, beauty, a great job at a law firm in New York City and an adorable boyfriend, Dan, who so wants to marry her. However, Josephine is bored to tears at every turn. Her aspirations for an exciting life creating stories, acting in theatre and making movies was abruptly squashed several years ago by her ever controlling pain in the ass mother, Ro. Matters only get worse for Josephine when she takes a leave of absence from her big city law job, and returns home to New Jersey to assist her ill nutty father, Morty, at his New Jersey law office. The leave of absence allows Morty, a work horse, to catch his breath. Josephine is secretly relieved to leave the monotony of her NYC law job. The excitement quickly ends, when she finds out her father has hired Louie, a family friend and young slick Jersey lawyer, to work with her. Josephine is reunited in Jersey with her endearing and comical best friend, Francesca, who is suffering through the ...
Credited cast:
Jessica Dilorenzo Jessica Dilorenzo - Rebecca
Michael B. Downing Michael B. Downing - Rich McGee
Celeste Fasone Celeste Fasone - Zeta
Lauren Gibbs Lauren Gibbs - Melinda
Jeannette Gould Jeannette Gould - Judge Mildred Ryers
Liam Joynt Liam Joynt - Dan
Anne Kenny Anne Kenny - Roxy
Mike Lane Mike Lane - John
Nick Latrenta Nick Latrenta - Steve
Kathryn M. Lombardy Kathryn M. Lombardy - Ro
Rosie Mattia Rosie Mattia - Francesca
Mechel Pava Mechel Pava - Suzanne
Nick Raio Nick Raio - Morty
Dominic Scaglione Dominic Scaglione - Louie
Michael A. Valenzano Michael A. Valenzano - Vinny Esposito