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Kim Possible Team Impossible (2002–2007) HD online

Kim Possible Team Impossible (2002–2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Mystery / Romance / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Team Impossible
Writers: Mark McCorkle,Robert Schooley
Released: 2002–2007
Duration: 21min
Video type: TV Episode
Kim and Ron find out that their first mission was supposed to go to Team Impossible (TI), a professional rescue team (their website and Kim's only differ by one letter). Ever since, Kim's been getting missions that people would've normally requested TI. And since she doesn't charge money, TI is losing money. So TI warns her to stop her rescue missions; she refuses. So TI sabotages her missions by giving all of friends that give her rides worldwide a free, all-inclusive vacation at their compound. In the process of tracing where TI's HQ is, Wade's computer systems are spiked (electrically fried) by TI. But he gets their location, and Kim and Ron meet TI once again. While Kim is winning her physical fight with the TI members, Wade has deigned to come in-person to punish TI for spiking his system. He activates their laser security system (the same kind Kim disabled in her first mission), trapping everyone in place. Kim then uses her cheer skills to disable the lasers. This proves to TI ...
Episode credited cast:
Christy Carlson Romano Christy Carlson Romano - Kim Possible (voice)
Will Friedle Will Friedle - Ron Stoppable (voice)
Nancy Cartwright Nancy Cartwright - Rufus (voice)
Tahj Mowry Tahj Mowry - Wade Load (voice)
Gary Cole Gary Cole - Dr. James Timothy Possible (voice)
Jean Smart Jean Smart - Dr. Ann Possible (voice)
Shaun Fleming Shaun Fleming - Tim Possible / Jim Possible (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Eric Close Eric Close - Crash Cranston (voice)
John DiMaggio John DiMaggio - Dr. Drakken / Heinrich (voice)
Gary Dourdan Gary Dourdan - Dash DaMont (voice)
Patton Oswalt Patton Oswalt - Professor Dementor (voice)
Adam Rodriguez Adam Rodriguez - Burn Burnam (voice)
James Arnold Taylor James Arnold Taylor - (voice) (as James A. Taylor)
April Winchell April Winchell - Bernice (voice)

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    This was a fun episode with lots of references to things. First, Team Impossible comes to Kim and Ron out of a movie screen, most likely an homage to the beginning of the video game "Viewtiful Joe" (where a villain escapes from the movie screen and steals Joe's girlfriend) and the movie "The Purple Rose of Cairo" (where a movie character steps out into the real world). Also when Ron is suggesting theme song ideas, he says they should have a shot of his pants falling down--and there is a shot of this very thing in the show's intro.

    The big reference though is from one TV show to another. This episode is very similar to a Totally Spies episode called "S.P.I." where a group called S.P.I. starts to become a rival for WOOHP by finishing all their missions before the girls get to the scene. The main difference is obviously in characters; Kim, Ron, and Rufus fill the roles of the three spies (Sam, Alex, and Clover) while Wade fills the role of Jerry. Another similarity between the eps is that the bad guys had some association with the good guys' early career--Genevieve from S.P.I. trained for WOOHP in the pre-show era, but was passed over for a spy job cause she wasn't "goody-goody" enough; Team Impossible were who that guy was trying to get when he accidentially visited Kim's website, a hit that resulted in her first mission.