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Fear of a Punk Planet  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy
Original Title: Fear of a Punk Planet
Budget: $90,000
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Series
(Pilot Episode) This is the story of a club owner (played by Joe Escalante of the Vandals) who's punk rock night club is incessantly harassed by the local fire marshal (played by Kyle Gass, Tenacious D's "K.G."). He is eventually closed down and talked into re-opening it by a group of kids from 4 different areas of the punk rock movement, as a non-profit. Hilariousness ensues.
Series cast summary:
Aaron Abeyta Aaron Abeyta - Himself 3 episodes, 1999-2002

This is the first successful Internet web series. It was the only one out of over a dozen series attempts by the network to make it out of the ill fated Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) and have a life on DVD and digital distribution where it still enjoys brisk sales and a devoted following.

Kyle Gass, who plays the Fire Marshall, is a member of the world renowned rock duo Tenacious D with Jack Black.

The club "Baby Seal" was inspired by the D.I.Y. venue Gilman Street in Berkley California.

The character of "Brady" was inspired by Brodie Dalle, the singer of the punk band the Distillers and wife of Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme.