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The Slutty Years Party (2012– ) HD online

The Slutty Years Party (2012– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy
Original Title: Party
Director: Zachary Wright
Writers: Amy Aniobi,Chelsea Steiner
Released: 2012–
Video type: TV Episode
Andi and Claire ditch their roommate troubles and go out - only to wind up at an awkward house party with Mac's coworker. When Andi reasons that her lame dating options prove she's a romantic failure, Claire teaches is not about the destination - it's about the journey.
Episode credited cast:
Amy Aniobi Amy Aniobi - Andi
Sujata Day Sujata Day - Cats Girl
Cindy Fang Cindy Fang - Milk Girl
Olivia Harewood Olivia Harewood - Kesha Girl
Landon Charles Hughes Landon Charles Hughes
Carolyn Jania Carolyn Jania - Claire
Colin Owens Colin Owens - Mac's Friend
Peter Podgursky Peter Podgursky - Facetime Guy
Tyler Ham Pong Tyler Ham Pong - Meatballs Guy
Michael Ruesga Michael Ruesga - Breasts Guy
Akeem Smith Akeem Smith - Mac
David Tarr David Tarr - Dude
Kevin Teh Kevin Teh - Zaquiri
Rikin Vasani Rikin Vasani - Party Guy
Jordann Zbylski Jordann Zbylski - Party Girl