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Squeeze (2013) HD online

Squeeze (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Squeeze
Director: Josh Bridge
Writers: Josh Bridge,Tope Phillips
Released: 2013
Budget: £2,000
Duration: 43min
Video type: Movie
Jide loses his part-time retail job due to his desire to attend an interview related to his field of study. This mounts lots of pressure on him from his mother and girlfriend who want more financial support from him. Specifically his mother wants more support with the bills whilst Paris (Jide's girlfriend) wants to begin a new chapter of their life i.e getting a new flat together. Ashley (Jide's best friend) is heavily involved with fraudulent activities under Uncle K. These activities allow Ashley to live a lavish lifestyle that Jide also desires. This, along with a conversation with Uncle K, tempts Jide into this lifestyle but Ashley warns him away from it. When the pressure (caused by the break up with his girlfriend, the loss of his job and his mum asking for money) gets on top of Jide, he makes his mind up and decides to get involved in this lifestyle. Jide finds himself in an unpleasant situation whilst involved in this lifestyle. He finds that one of the boys (little Darnell) ...
Credited cast:
Precious Alabi Precious Alabi - Paris
Missy Beckley Missy Beckley - Sandra
Deenie Davies Deenie Davies - Ashley
Daniel Deacon Daniel Deacon - Little Darnell
Saj Hussain Saj Hussain - Cab Driver
Minnie Marj Minnie Marj - Jide's Mother
Gemma Miller Gemma Miller - Store Manager
Denry Okpor Denry Okpor - Uncle K
Hugo Onuegbu Hugo Onuegbu - Curtis
Isaac Sosanya Isaac Sosanya - Jide