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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Documentary / History / Mystery
Original Title: Digging for the Truth
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Series
Digging for the Truth Season 3
Series cast summary:
Josh Bernstein Josh Bernstein - Host / - 34 episodes, 2005-2007

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    The premise of the show is that we have a host who travels around investigating different legends and following potential trails of ancient artifacts which have been lost in time. So far I've viewed the "Holy Grail" and "Ark of the Covenant" episodes, which I enjoyed very much. There's not a lot of in-depth information given, but it does provide a good "springboard" to get people interested and do further research on their own. History Channel did a good job on this one. The host, Josh Bernstein, is very dynamic and seems to really enjoy his adventures and sharing what he's learned with the audience. It doesn't hurt that he also happens to be gorgeous.... brains, beauty, and adventure. What more could a female history fan want?
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    While the format doesn't give much room for in-depth and technical explanation, but that's okay because that is not the purpose of this show, it does deliver on offering a new look at some mysteries that have haunted us for literally thousands of years.

    DFT's infectious and enigmatic host, Josh Bernstein, takes the viewers on such adventures as the exploration of Homer's "The Iliad": did Troy really exist and did the epic war in ever happen? He braved blizzards and slept on a glacier in the Italian Alps to delve into the life, and mysterious death, of the 5,300-year-old mummy, Oetzi. He received a special viewing of coins at the Graeco-Roman Museum that were minted during Cleopatra's reign to get the bottom of her alluring beauty that bewitched both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.

    Not only does he dig up factual information, which may lead him all over the globe (250,000 miles so far he said in March 2006), of the topic but he tries to bring the experience of the time period to the viewers: to understand the life of Oetzi, he built a quinzhee (snow hut) and slept in it over night; he shot arrows and spears from a moving chariot to get a feel for Homer's Troy; and he took on an asp to understand its importance when Cleopatra chose it to take her own life.

    Take a wild ride with Josh to who knows where you might end up… and what he might "dig up" about YOUR favorite mystery.

    (Thanks B for your help!)
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    Digging or Shoveling? Josh Bernstein isn't digging for the truth but he sure is shoveling a lot of something else.

    The Colossus of Rhodes never existed? The Ark of the Covenant never existed? Even a fan of Indiana Jones knows, "Archaeology is the search for FACT not TRUTH." Instead of actually "digging" for the Colossus of Rhodes, he simply claims it never existed.

    Bernstein points to a medieval painting of the Colossus straddling the harbor and claims the entire wonder of the world was merely a Dark Age fantasy. In one statement he throws out all the witness accounts of the Colossus during antiquity.

    He also ignores the numerous artworks from antiquity also depicting the Colossus.

    Next he claims the Ark of the Covenant never existed, because the Hebrews wouldn't have had any gold. "Where would the Hebrews find gold in the desert?" he asks.

    Didn't this guy read the free book in the motel room where he lives? The Egyptians gave it to the Hebrews after the 10 plagues when they left Egypt. "Get off my land." The Aaron melted it into the Golden Calf which was in turn melted down and used to make the Ark.

    Josh Bernstein is a lazy fool who doesn't dig for the truth, he just makes excuses for why he isn't digging. Because he claims it never existed.

    Josh Bernstein isn't digging for the truth but he sure is shoveling a lot of something else.