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Fear Me Goodbye to Hello (2016– ) HD online

Fear Me Goodbye to Hello (2016– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Goodbye to Hello
Director: Drew Kochera
Writers: Drew Kochera
Released: 2016–
Video type: TV Episode
Noah tells everyone that he's ready to save Oliver. Outside on the porch, Noah tells Ally and Piper how he and Riley took an oath to defend an Archangel, no matter what happened. While looking through paperwork, Addison tells Piper and Owen a brief history of Guardians and Archangels. While Noah is going through the process of putting his physical being into Oliver, there's loud noises, the house starts to shake, the power goes out and there's lots of smoke and lights. Cooper walks in to see that Oliver has returned. As he brings Kate's body out of the house, he tells everyone to wait til he returns, then they'll all know what real fear looks like.
Episode cast overview:
Joe Hammerstone Joe Hammerstone - Owen Greyson
Chamane Barbatti Chamane Barbatti - Piper Swanson
Kyle Lee Kyle Lee - Cooper Jennings
Scarlett O'Shaughnessy Scarlett O'Shaughnessy - Ally Swanson
Drew Kochera Drew Kochera - Oliver Wolfe
Rune Lee Rune Lee - Kate Jennings
Wil Spaeth Wil Spaeth - Noah Goodman
Kazia Steele Kazia Steele - Addison Wolfe
Eric Garavaglia Eric Garavaglia - Leo Camden