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So You're Taking in a Roomer (1954) HD online

So You're Taking in a Roomer (1954) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: So Youu0027re Taking in a Roomer
Director: Richard L. Bare
Writers: George O'Hanlon,Richard L. Bare
Released: 1954
Duration: 10min
Video type: Movie
Joe and Alice decide to rent a room in their house to their neighbor Marvin, who says he is a potato broker. He sets up an office and talks Joe into being his partner in the "potato" business. Joe thinks business is fine, until Marvin skips town and two bookies show up to collect the 'potatoes" from Joe.
Cast overview:
George O'Hanlon George O'Hanlon - Joe McDoakes

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    Alice nags joe to take in a boarder --that or her mom! brings in sexy lady---alice nixes that she brings in handsome man--joe nixes that marvin making book

    When the story begins, Alice is nagging Joe to take in a border so they can make some extra money. When Joe refuses, Alice threatens to have her mother come and live in the spare room instead! So, Joe and his wife each try to bring in a border...and both go for a sexy member of the opposite sex. In desperation, Joe allows Marvin to move in and run his business out of the spare room. Marvin tells Joe he's selling potatoes....but it's obvious to anyone with more than half a brain that Marvin is a bookie. Of course, Joe is completely oblivious! What's next?

    I really think Joe is even dumber than usual in this one. But is it funny? Not nearly as much as the average entry into this long-running series. Just not enough laughs for me.
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    AS WITH SO Many of these stories, it all begins at the breakfast table. The notion of the Mc Doakes' household's having a room to let is briefly discussed and disgusted. Then the Mrs. (Alice-as portrayed by Jane Frazee decides in favour. Reluctantly Joe attempts to obscure the "For Rent" sign behind shrubbery, until a good looking Blonde (Joi Lansing) shows up.

    SO AFTER BEING in their household a short time, she is replaced with a very distinguished, albeit mature gentleman. This time it's Joe who has the new roomer sent packing.

    ENTER FRIEND MARVIN, who wanted the room for some mysterious business he was now in. He even hires Joe and promises a split of the profits. Joe pitches in, taking down info like: "5 on Father Murphy's to win at the first race at Upsin Downs."

    WELL, YOU KNOW what happens when Joe takes a really big bet.

    FRIEND MARVIN HAS quietly become what they call in England "a Turf Agent," which is in the parlance of typical American means "Bookie!" NOT SURPRISINGLY The fancied and long awaited punishment is fulfilled. The comical twosome have set up shop once more; albeit in a clerk working the "Hot Line" but behind the cold, steel cages of the Graybar Hotel. (Now then Schultz, come on soup's on!
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    So You're Taking in a Roomer (1954)

    ** 1/2 (out of 4)

    The McDoakes family are falling behind on all their bills so Alice suggests that they rent out their spare room. Joe finally agrees but after a few clients don't work he finally agrees to rent the room to his neighbor Marvin who brings Joe in on his "potato" business, which turns out to be a gambling house. Of course McDoakes is too dumb to figure this out and soon gangsters are paying him a visit. This entry in the series isn't going to go down as one of the best but there are enough mild laughs to make it worth sitting through. The best moment happens early on when Joe rents the room to a hot blonde (Joi Lansing) who of course ends up getting kicked out by Alice due to Joe flirting with her. Once again George O'Hanlon and Rodney Bell have great chemistry as Joe and Marvin. The two really know how to play off one another and it's this chemistry that really makes the film worth sitting through.