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An Equine Hero (1912) HD online

An Equine Hero (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Western
Original Title: An Equine Hero
Director: Otis Thayer
Writers: Charles E. Reeves,Marshall Stedman
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
"Mabel and her sweetheart, Billy Cutler, living among the foothills of Colorado, have been in the habit of sending love notes to each other by Mabel's horse 'Doc.'" Pete, a half-breed, is also in love with Mabel. "One day Mabel's horse comes into Billy's corral with a note tied to its mane. Pete secures the note and, in his jealousy, refuses to give it up to Billy. Billy promptly knocks Pete down and takes the note away from him. Pete vows vengeance." "He gets the Indians at a nearby camp intoxicated and then tells them of his hatred for Billy. " The Indians and Billy have a fight and Billy is "left for dead while the red men carry Mabel to the ledge of a nearby canon, the only egress from which is a single log stretched across the abyss. "Doc" trails her to the canon, walks across the log, and, with his teeth, unties the captive girl's bonds. In the meantime Billy has recovered and has started for the canon with a sheriff's posse. The Indians, upon finding that Pete can furnish them ...
Cast overview:
William Duncan William Duncan - Billy Cutler
Myrtle Stedman Myrtle Stedman - Mabel - a Western Girl
Lester Cuneo Lester Cuneo - Pete - the Half Breed
Charles E. Reeves Charles E. Reeves - George Rusk
Rex De Rosselli Rex De Rosselli - Big Horn - the Indian
Rusty Radcliff Rusty Radcliff - Little Foot
Doc the Horse Doc the Horse - Mabel's Horse

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    A picture that pleased many in the audience. It features a very well trained and sure-footed horse. The story is artificial and plainly was fabricated to permit a showing of this horse's capabilities. It was not acted very naturally. The horse, smelling out a trail, follows his mistress, who has been captured by drunken Indians, and when he finds her frees her from binding cords with his teeth. She mounts and, riding away to safety, meets her lover who. with a sheriff and posse, is coming to the rescue. The reason as it was shown for her getting into the predicament was not at all convincing. Yet, as we have pointed out, many seemed to like the picture. When some began to applaud there were a few who seemed inclined to make fun of them for it. - The Moving Picture World, September 14, 1912