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A Change in Baggage Checks (1914) HD online

A Change in Baggage Checks (1914) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: A Change in Baggage Checks
Director: George D. Baker
Writers: Arthur Ashley,Carlotta De Felice
Released: 1914
Video type: Movie
When telegrams come from the theatrical booking agent to Steve Jenks and Stella Triplight, two vaudeville artists, strangers to each other, they are delighted. The messages read: "Steven Jenks, Take first train to Oshkosh Villa. Report at Orpheum Theater. Two performances tomorrow." and, "Stella Triplight, Report at Gaiety Theater, Jump-Off Junction, for two performances tomorrow." In the excitement of trying to get their baggage sent, the baggage agent gives them each other's checks and sends the trunks, each to the other. The artists arrive at their destinations and find that each has the other's trunk, though they do not know whose it is. As it is absolutely necessary that they do their act to get their salary, they decide to wear what clothes they find in the trunks. Steve using Stella's dresses, does his act and makes a great hit. Stella in Steve's suits also scores a great success. The following week finds them both on the same bill, at the same theater, and when their baggage ...
Cast overview:
John Bunny John Bunny - Steve Jenks
Flora Finch Flora Finch - Stella Triplight
Mary Anderson Mary Anderson
Phil Sanford Phil Sanford
Jack Harvey Jack Harvey
Arthur Cozine Arthur Cozine
Cortland Van Deusen Cortland Van Deusen
George Stevens George Stevens
Lillian Burns Lillian Burns
Ethel Corcoran Ethel Corcoran
Karin Norman Karin Norman

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    This is a very funny comedy picture play, the plot hinged on a change of baggage checks of two vaudevillians who play the same theaters. What makes it more funny than it would be otherwise is the fact that John Bunny and Flora Finch are playing the leading parts. The picture is well done in every detail. It caused great hilarity. - The Moving Picture World, March 14, 1914