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Govorit Moskva (1985) HD online

Govorit Moskva (1985) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / War
Original Title: Govorit Moskva
Director: Yuriy Grigorev,Renita Grigoryeva
Writers: Renita Grigoryeva
Released: 1985
Duration: 1h 37min
Video type: Movie
Cast overview, first billed only:
Boris Nevzorov Boris Nevzorov
Lyudmila Zaytseva Lyudmila Zaytseva
Oksana Zakharova Oksana Zakharova
Yuriy Kayurov Yuriy Kayurov
Lyubov Sokolova Lyubov Sokolova
Aleksey Vanin Aleksey Vanin
Yuriy Katin-Yartsev Yuriy Katin-Yartsev
Sergey Varchuk Sergey Varchuk
Marina Yakovleva Marina Yakovleva
Raisa Trebukh Raisa Trebukh
Yuri Dedovich Yuri Dedovich
Grigori Trebukh Grigori Trebukh
Vladimir Frolov Vladimir Frolov
Dmitri Matveyev Dmitri Matveyev
Viktor Terekhov Viktor Terekhov

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    The story starts in the year of 1942, a year where the war in Russia was still hanging In the balance. The fascist German invaders where still ruthlessly and quickly advancing deeper into the Russian heartland. Contesting them in their strongholds, always close to a suicide mission. Female Snipers in Russia where known for their nerves of steel and endurance under the most adverse conditions. They had to get in close shooting distance to the enemy positions, which was extremely dangerous, and required iron discipline, mixed with stamina. Once close enough, and remaining undetected, every shot had to count. Once they where detected by their German adversaries, their chance to survive and escape was very slim. This film lets you feel the fear, the rage and whole emotional range a woman has to face in ultimate combat situations. The Trauma after battle is hard to deal with, and to overcome. Specially when your fellow female soldier has fallen, and you blame yourself for letting it happen. The portrait of the brutality in this movie does not spare the viewer the graphic details. Snipers where among the most hated enemies, once soldiers had to fight in fixed positions. They where killed with utter content. German soldiers who where able to catch a sniper, crucified them in front of their position, for their enemies to see. Sort of psychological warfare. This movie really portraits war in it's rawest and most contemptible format, making an excellent anti war statement. This movie also goes beyond the trenches, and let's the viewer participate in the aftermath of battle, dealing with the Trauma, and let us also feel the pressure of duty, when Your country faces annihilation. There is not much glory, and heroic emphasis as we are used to see in Hollywood movies, here we experience people who went through a war where they faced the destruction of their Motherland and their Culture, and had to prevail. They had no choice.