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Pig Boy (2017) HD online

Pig Boy (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Pig Boy
Director: Ashleigh Hanley
Writers: Ashleigh Hanley,Scott Keenan
Released: 2017
Budget: AUD 4,000
Duration: 11min
Video type: Movie
Two old mates have a quiet night in with a couple of beers and some old-school 90210. What could go wrong?
Credited cast:
Esther Heise Esther Heise - Abby
Clare McCann Clare McCann - Crystal
Francis Mossman Francis Mossman - Dylan
Rupert Raineri Rupert Raineri - Steve

Reviews: [2]

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    Pig Boy really is a wonderful short film. Fantastic story and script, extremely well acted, beautifully shot and, most importantly for a comedy, absolutely hilarious. At this juncture it's probably best to point out it's not a comedy for kids. The humour is found in what would probably be describe as mature themes, but it definitely doesn't overstep the mark by becoming vulgar. I won't say any more because it risks getting into spoilers. All that needs to be said is, It's 11 minutes of pure joy and, hand on heart, I haven't laughed so much in ages.
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    A visit. A crazy night. The morning after and its too many problems. A fine portrait of adultescence. Nice, in delicate equlibrum with vulgarity. But working in interesting manner. Not bad performances, summer story, perfect end and the humor who gives the drops of adventure. At final sigh- nothing new. But a decent job, ironic , a little spiced about the spirit of contemporary manhood and its childish sparkles.