» » Poketto monsutâ Kibago Gets Lost! (1997– )

Poketto monsutâ Kibago Gets Lost! (1997– ) HD online

Poketto monsutâ Kibago Gets Lost! (1997– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Original Title: Kibago Gets Lost!
Director: Norihiko Sutô,Kunihiko Yuyama
Writers: Shinzô Fujita,Satoshi Tajiri
Released: 1997–
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
While the Unova League prepares to move to the third round, our heroes are faced with a case of lost and found!
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Sarah Natochenny Sarah Natochenny - Ash Ketchum (voice)
Eileen Stevens Eileen Stevens - Iris (voice)
Jason Griffith Jason Griffith - Cilan / Scraggy (voice)
Rodger Parsons Rodger Parsons - Narrator (voice) (as Roger Parsons)
James Carter Cathcart James Carter Cathcart - Russet / Referee (voice) (as Carter Cathcart)
Darren Dunstan Darren Dunstan - Stephan (voice)
Khristine Hvam Khristine Hvam - Professor Juniper (voice)
Rory Max Kaplan Rory Max Kaplan - Cameron (voice)
Michele Knotz Michele Knotz - Swoobat (voice)
Lisa Ortiz Lisa Ortiz - Trainer / Oshawott (voice)
Kayzie Rogers Kayzie Rogers - Axew / Espeon / Umbreon / Lillipup (voice)
Erica Schroeder Erica Schroeder - Bianca / Liepard / Garbodor / Pidove (voice)
Marc Thompson Marc Thompson - Stoutland / Pokédex (voice)
Ben Wayland Ben Wayland - Trubbish (voice)
Tom Wayland Tom Wayland - Virgil / Freddy O'Martian (voice)