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Snuff (1978) HD online

Snuff (1978) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: The Evolution of Snuff
Director: Andrzej Kostenko,Karl Martine
Writers: Andrzej Kostenko,Robert H. Rimmer
Released: 1978
Duration: 1h 19min
Video type: Movie
Pornographer Robert Furch makes a movie inspired by "Lysistrata," he says. A documentary crew films the casting call, Furch's 14-day shoot, a lighting technician's becoming an actor, and the aftermath of the suicide (before filming ends) of Claudia Fielers, the film's leading lady. Comments by Roman Polanski, Carl Amery, and an unseen narrator connect the possibility of snuff films to the process of a commercial enterprise such as this and Fielers' suicide. Furch pleads innocent, cloaking his work in Protestant virtues. His posturings and his direction are comical; the commentary may be tongue in cheek. What about the appended snuff footage? Is this documentary for real?
Credited cast:
Carl Amery Carl Amery - Himself
Josephine Bayerl Josephine Bayerl - Herself
Sonja Embriz Sonja Embriz - Herself
Claudia Fielers Claudia Fielers - Herself
Robert Furch Robert Furch - Himself
Heinz Gerstl Heinz Gerstl - Himself
Roswitha Geuther Roswitha Geuther - Sich selber
Bernd Kramer Bernd Kramer - Himself
Barbara Markus Barbara Markus - Herself (as Bärbel Markus)
Roman Polanski Roman Polanski - Himself (archive footage)
Hasso Preiß Hasso Preiß - Himself
Waltraud Schaeffler Waltraud Schaeffler - Herself
Sonja Spitzweg Sonja Spitzweg - Herself
Christina von Blanc Christina von Blanc
Frau Waldhofen Frau Waldhofen - Herself

The "snuff film" is a deleted scene from Wes Craven's Das letzte Haus links (1972).

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    One of the strangest things I have ever had the pleasure to watch... It starts with some footage of an interview with Roman Polanski, presumably post-manson tragedy, talking out of context about snuff. This seems to have been bolted on to a fake documentary about the porn industry, which in itself is an intriguing piece of film - highly comic one minute and serious the next, but never paticularily salacious or graphic considering the year of release and subject matter, although a brief snippet of hardcore is visible near the end, this may well be an insert judging by the obviously faked nature of the rest of the film. When the original film should have ended (although it kind of just peters out) there is a short segment where a 'snuff' film-maker (with a very pretty paper bag over his head!) is interviewed The most amazing thing about this segment is that the 'snuff' film shown consists of gore shots that were cut from the classic 'last House on the Left'! Amazing stuff, I'm sure you'll agree...

    Bad film fans really need to see this. I was given a dupe from what looked like a very old video release but could have come from the print itself.

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    The Evolution of Snuff (which is also known as Confessions of a Blue Movie Star) shows the process of casting a porn movie, the legalities of underage wanna-be participants and the effects of becoming a porn star.

    Trying to play it as an actual documentary, it doesn't really work but it is interesting nonetheless. I guess it is based on actual facts but the overacting kills any seriousness. The so-called snuff element only comes into it at the very end but is rather disapointing. The only redeeming feature is actual deleted scenes from Wes Craven's Last House On The Left, which they play up as actual snuff footage.

    Overall, I found it rather comical but enjoyed at the same time. The over acting in some scenes will have you rolling on the floor laughing!
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    Recently reading up a list of obscure movies,I stopped going down the list right away,when I noticed a short plot outline about a mock-doc based around the "adult" film industry,which featured an interview with Roman Polanski!.With the mix of subject matter and unexpected participants,I began to look forward to seeing what would perhaps be one of the most left-field films that I have ever seen.

    The plot:

    Having a strong desire to show that low budget,independent films can have the same artistic merits as government subsidised "Art" movies,film maker Robert Fulch decides to allow a documentary crew to join him and film the "making of" for his "adult film" take on the Greek play Lysistrata.Whilst the production of the movie at first goes smoothly,tragedy strikes half way through filming,when leading actress Claudia Fielers suddenly commits suicide.As Fulch attempts to save the production,the documentary makers start to look at all of the footage that they have shot,in the hope of finding the answer to what destroys the body and the soul.

    View on the film:

    Using a Polanski interview filmed shortly after the Manson murders to give a stronger outline for the "theams" that the documentary crew are finding in the footage,directors Karl Martine and Andrzej Kostenko, (who along with co-writing the really fantastic, original screenplay with Robert H. Rimmer,also starred in the 1959 short film When Angels Fall,directed by Polanski!) strike the perfect balance in making the movie an off-beat drama,and also an unexpectedly funny film.Being backed by masterful editing,Martine and Kostenko give the film a brilliant "rough" feel,by focusing on odds and ends which would have been left on the documentary editors floor,from the amazing cast being shown as complete fakes during the "action" scenes,to featuring bits and pieces of conversation between the cast and crew that are completely unconnected to their current activates.Along with having one of the actresses boyfriends be a hilarious Rock singer who would have been a perfect fit in Spinal Tap,Rimmer and Kostenko's excellent screenplay unexpectedly has the still current topic of "high" art v "commeriacal being one of the main issues of the movie,as Fulch repeatedly tells the documentary makers the he feels that he is unable to completely make the movies that he desires,due to having to raise the funds himself,and not rely on a government subsidised,which would help to cover any losses that his movie might make.