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Ein gesegnetes Team The Stone Killer Mystery (1989–1991) HD online

Ein gesegnetes Team The Stone Killer Mystery (1989–1991) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Crime / Mystery
Original Title: The Stone Killer Mystery
Director: Ron Satlof
Writers: Dean Hargrove,Joel Steiger
Released: 1989–1991
Duration: 44min
Video type: TV Episode
Someone is taking shots at everyone associated with the Gallagher trial from 8 years ago where Father Frank was a principal witness. But Father Frank isn't convinced it's Gallagher.
Episode complete credited cast:
Tom Bosley Tom Bosley - Father Frank Dowling
Tracy Nelson Tracy Nelson - Sister Stephanie 'Steve' Oskowski
James Stephens James Stephens - Father Philip Prestwick
Mary Wickes Mary Wickes - Marie Murkin
Yaphet Kotto Yaphet Kotto - Lt. Fleming
Paul Gleason Paul Gleason - Sam Byrne
Todd Allen Todd Allen - Jesse Gallagher
Cynthia Bain Cynthia Bain - Cyndi
Lauree Berger Lauree Berger - Mrs. Byrne
Tony Colitti Tony Colitti - Stan French
Robert Schuch Robert Schuch - Freddy the Bartender
Tim O'Connor Tim O'Connor - Judge Phillip Larkin
Robert Himber Robert Himber - Swat Commander
Art Edler Art Edler - Cop #1
Prince Havely Prince Havely - Policeman (as Prince Edward Havely)

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    This episode is about a man released from prison after 8 years for murder.(kind of short penalty). The people that arrested him, charged him or witnessed the crime are seem to be gunshot targets.

    The police are so sure that this man Gallagher is the one trying to get even with him. They have no proof but the Prosecutor, the Judge and Father Dowling are victims. The Prosecutor is murder.

    Gallagher proclaims his innocence but no one believes him not even Father Brown or Sister Steve.

    Interesting outcome.

    This episode is one of a few that seem to concentrate on mobsters. The series takes place in Chicago and it seems like they put Italians in a bad light with their mobster/Chicago accent. One episode is called "The Mafia Priest Mystery" a man that is a Priest is from a mobster family.

    The Stone Killer does not involve mobsters but a bar where they go to. I still can't figure out why they named it The Stone Killer.

    This is one one of a few that have inappropriate behavior for a so called religious/mystery series.

    Example, Sister Steve gets out of a car not dressed as a nun but a very short sexy outfit on and the camera is focused on her legs as she gets out to go into the mobster owned bar.

    One episode has a girl cutting Father Dowling's hair with a low cut dress and bending toward him and the camera.

    Another episode has a woman working in a nightclub as a pole dancer with a revealing costume.

    This series seems to go overboard in some areas. I deleted a couple because of the content.

    I will watch the rest that are left if I can find them. There are some on Youtube under the name of user Tommy Lee.