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Fairytale (2010) HD online

Fairytale (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Thriller
Original Title: Fairytale
Director: Dave Stang
Writers: Shireena Jackson,Dave Stang
Released: 2010
Budget: $1,000
Duration: 35min
Video type: Movie
Dr Steven Moultrie is gifted,educated, refined and accomplished. He is also a former racist desperately trying to cover up his terrible past as a violent, prejudiced youth. To cover up the pain and suffering he has caused others he becomes a doctor.To cover up his past violent acts against innocent black victims he adopts a black child and proudly displays her as his own. Still, he is perpetually tormented by the past and longs to find a special place where he can find peace at last. While driving through northern Florida en route to visit his daughter,Maya, new Freshman at The University of Florida, Moultrie mysteriously falls unconscious at the wheel,awakening on a lonely dirt road "in the middle of nowhere".Much to his astonishment, Moultrie discovers a special town named Fairytale.Unexpected and unforeseen, Moultrie believes he has stumbled upon his oasis in Fairytale. The townspeople welcome him with open arms, bordering on adulation. Then his "chance" encounter with a blind man ...


Credited cast:
Ray Janes Ray Janes - Dr. Steven Moultrie
Ellin Iselin Ellin Iselin - Carla
Noble Lee Lester Noble Lee Lester - Jenks
Julia Cauley Julia Cauley - Julia
Kristen Mayo Kristen Mayo - Autograph Girl (as Kirsten Mayo)
Lashantz Stevens Lashantz Stevens - A.J.'s Girlfriend
Angelica Scurry Angelica Scurry - Maya
David Henry David Henry - Fairytale Sheriff
Lonnisha Homes Lonnisha Homes - Lost Traveller
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dave Stang Dave Stang - Ayjay

The Fairytale sign flipped upside down says "hell".

The producers consulted Rodney Hurst, first Jacksonville NAACP President,on the project. In addition, Joe Greene, brother of actress Ashley Greene, assisted in technical coordination.