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The Water Brothers Acid Ocean (2012– ) HD online

The Water Brothers Acid Ocean (2012– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary
Original Title: Acid Ocean
Director: Tyler Mifflin,Alex Mifflin
Writers: Wendy MacKeigan,Alex Mifflin
Released: 2012–
Video type: TV Episode
As we burn fossil fuels, carbon dioxide is seeping into the oceans and creating an alarming, science-fiction scenario. It's called ocean acidification. It could lead to a mass extinction of marine life, yet it is largely unknown to the public. In the Pacific Northwest, the Brothers meet scallop & mussel farmers who are already experiencing the impacts of this recent phenomenon and losing millions of dollars. Diving near a volcano in Italy that causes nearby waters to be naturally higher in acidity, the Brothers see first-hand what the rest of the ocean might look like in the future if the trend continues. Can we stop the problem of ocean acidification before it's too late?