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Bonanza Catch as Catch Can (1959–1973) HD online

Bonanza Catch as Catch Can (1959–1973) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: Catch as Catch Can
Director: Robert L. Friend
Writers: David Dortort,David Lang
Released: 1959–1973
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
While in small town Tin Bucket to sell Ponderosa cowhides, Candy is accused of cheating in a card game and the Cartwrights are dogged by a mysterious rumor that claims they have fallen on hard times and are desperate for money.
Episode cast overview:
Lorne Greene Lorne Greene - Ben Cartwright
Dan Blocker Dan Blocker - Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright
Michael Landon Michael Landon - Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright
Paul Richards Paul Richards - Amos T. Parker
Slim Pickens Slim Pickens - Sheriff Gant
David Canary David Canary - Candy Canaday
Robert Yuro Robert Yuro - Rice
Arthur Malet Arthur Malet - Tingle the Barber
Peter Marland-Jones Peter Marland-Jones - Hollis
John Quade John Quade - Telegrapher
John Perak John Perak - Billy
Richard Eric Winter Richard Eric Winter - Daley

Slim Pickens as Sheriff Gant tells Little Joe that a mountain man taught him how to make muskrat stew. Slim Pickens also played mountain man Big Jim Leyton in Half a Rogue (season 4 episode 18) and in King of the Mountain (season 5 episode 21)

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    This Bonanza story has all the regulars going to a one horse town to sell some hides to the town's leading citizen who Lorne Greene did business with some years back. When they get there however all kinds of bad luck happens to the Hoss, Little Joe, and Candy.

    This is all no accident, the worst is that it's all around town that the Cartwrights are broke. A rumor started by Paul Richards the guy who was going to buy the hidea.

    That's the biggest problem with the story. Even in this one horse town I think if the Ponderosa went belly up there might have been news about that from other than Richards's gossip mongering. Makes it all a tad unreal.

    Still Richards delivers a nice performance and Slim Pickens has a fine part as a hick sheriff who turns out to be a lot smarter than everyone thought.
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    All Bonanza episodes are good. This one is a bit different, as it seems a whole town is out to frame the Cartwrights, and the mystery continues. Ben, Joe, Hoss, and Candy arrive in a small town to sell a wagon-load of hides when a rumor starts that they are destitute. Candy is framed as a card cheat, Little Joe as a pickpocket, Hoss as a drunk. The telegraph lines are down and they just can't get a break. But Why? the feller who promised to buy the hides cuts his price in half, the brands on the hides show they were stolen, little Joe has to eat muskrat stew while in jail, Hoss can't enjoy his sarsaparilla, Candy is sent for help, but will he get back in time? Is the sheriff (Slim Pickens) in on their troubles? It doesn't look good for the boys.