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Knight Rider A Good Knight's Work (1982–1986) HD online

Knight Rider A Good Knight's Work (1982–1986) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi
Original Title: A Good Knightu0027s Work
Director: Sidney Hayers
Writers: Glen A. Larson,Richard C. Okie
Released: 1982–1986
Duration: 49min
Video type: TV Episode
Cameron Zachary, the man who ordered the death of Michael Long three years earlier, finds out Long is now going by the name of Michael Knight and sets out to destroy him once and for all, as well as get his hands on the Knight Industries Two Thousand. Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Michael is investigating the theft of a talking teddy bear toy design.
Episode cast overview:
David Hasselhoff David Hasselhoff - Michael Knight
Edward Mulhare Edward Mulhare - Devon Miles
Rebecca Holden Rebecca Holden - April Curtis
John Vernon John Vernon - Cameron Zachary
Alexa Hamilton Alexa Hamilton - Gina Adams
Robert O'Reilly Robert O'Reilly - Jake Simpson
Dana Gladstone Dana Gladstone - Dave Collins
Rosalind Allen Rosalind Allen - Car Buyer (as Rosalind Ingledew)

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    Knight Rider revisits Michael Long again. This time the target is Cameron Zachary (John Vernon.) He is the man who ordered the hit on Long 3 years earlier.

    Zachary has found out from his cohorts the Long is alive and going by the name of Michael Knight. He also sees this as an opportunity to get his hands on Knight Industries technology, namely KITT.

    There is also a lady in distress, a toy designer who has lost her designs of an hi tech talking teddy bear to a rival company. Michael finds out that the rival toy company is a front for something else.

    There is some big action scenes here. Michael Knight ejects out of his seat. At a later time he jumps off a building and KITT raises his seat as Michael lands though the sunroof. Then KITT launches itself on an apartment building and wonders how he is going to get out of there. KITT also takes a dislike to the talking teddy bear.

    There is an humorous aside as a dodgy second car salesman when trying to sell an unsuitable car, he sees KITT and his flashing red lights which prompts him to be honest.

    As always John Vernon is good value as the villain.