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Tomodachi gêmu gekijouban (2017) HD online

Tomodachi gêmu gekijouban (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Tomodachi gêmu gekijouban
Writers: Micoto Yamaguchi,Yûki Satô
Released: 2017
Video type: Movie
Katagiri Yuuichi believes friends are the most important thing in the world until he and his friends are kidnapped soon afterwards. They wake up in a room and become involved in the "Tomodachi Game" to test money or friendship. Will the bonds that Yuuichi and his friends hold, or will they break?
Credited cast:
Ryô Yoshizawa Ryô Yoshizawa - Yuichi Katakiri
Yûki Yamada Yûki Yamada
Rio Uchida Rio Uchida - Sawaragi Shiho
Nagi Nemoto Nagi Nemoto
Seishû Uragami Seishû Uragami - Kei Shinomiya
Yûka Ueno Yûka Ueno - Maria Minase
Shimon Ohkura Shimon Ohkura

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    Rich Vulture

    First of all, you have to watch the mini drama before watching this movie, as the film picks up where the drama left the story. Plus, the drama explained the whole situation, as the movie just focuses on the game and not the characters and why they are in the friend game. Now, for the actual movie, it was entertaining overall. The twists were good and unexpected, but the ending was left open and probably things are concluded in the second movie. The performances were good too, and, the pinnochio thing didn't really bother me, as the anime addition of this movie.