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A Letter from Death Row (1998) HD online

A Letter from Death Row (1998) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: A Letter from Death Row
Director: Marvin Baker,Bret Michaels
Writers: Bret Michaels
Released: 1998
Duration: 1h 29min
Video type: Movie
A psychological thriller (...or is it?) that takes you through the mind of convicted killer, Michael Raine, and his experiences on death row... or does it? Was he guilty of killing his girlfriend or was he a victim of a conspiracy to frame him for a crime he didn't commit? As the story unfolds...or does it? Jessica Foster, an assistant to the Governor of Tennessee begins to interview Raine while on death row, claiming that she's writing a book about the inmates...Or is she? Through various circumstances, Raine puts two and two together and builds a case that he believes can prove his innocence...or does he? Ms. Foster is the only one on the 'outside" who can give Raine a voice, but is she working for those who framed him? As time draws near to the date of his execution, in his most desperate hour Raine finds the missing pieces to the puzzle to prove his innocence, but is it too late...? Was this story told from Raine's point of view or from the book writers or from yours, the viewer -...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Bret Michaels Bret Michaels - Michael Raine
Martin Sheen Martin Sheen - Michael's Father
Kristi Gibson Kristi Gibson - Kristi Richards
Simon Elsworth Simon Elsworth - Officer Windell
Rob Wilds Rob Wilds - Prison Warden
Bill Pankey Bill Pankey - Redford
Drew Boe Drew Boe - Lucifer T. Powers
Tim Hubbard Tim Hubbard - Spencer
Tim Northern Tim Northern - Tyrone
Phil Valentine Phil Valentine - Donald Bateman
Swan Burrus Swan Burrus - Governor of Tennessee
Susan Carol Davis Susan Carol Davis - Governor's wife, Linda (as Susan Davis)
Billy Wirtz Billy Wirtz - B.J. Hawkins
B.J. Brown B.J. Brown - Benjamin Green
Antonio Lewis Todd Antonio Lewis Todd - Cop #2 (as Antonio Lewis)

Reviews: [18]

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    The only reason I watched this movie is because I found out that my favorite local Talk Radio host was in it (I live in Nashville, where it was filmed). He played the defense attorney, and I'm sorry to say he was one of the worst actors in the movie (and that's saying a lot, considering how bad the acting was throughout). It's a good thing he's a good radio host. I guess they tried to save money by using local talent, but talent really isn't the right word. The plot had an interesting twist, but it wasn't enough to save this dog of a movie. I can't believe I even sat through it, and I wasted a spot in my Netflix queue for this.
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    A Letter from Death Row has the plot depth and acting skills of a rock video, which should come as no surprise since former Poison lead singer Bret Michaels is the lead actor, writer, director, co-producer and songwriter.

    While Death Row would probably be placed in the mystery/thriller genre, it's not thrilling at all, and the only real mystery is why Martin and Charlie Sheen would agree to appear in this movie at all. Don't be fooled by the tape cover, though Martin Sheen has second billing in the credits, he appears in one inconsequential scene for about 90 seconds.

    The rest of the acting is wooden; the defense lawyer in particular looks like he's reading cue cards. We do not care about any of the characters, and by the end of the movie the plot is totally dismissed as well.

    This is not one of those "so bad you have to see it" movies, unless you're a Poison fan.
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    Now and then the movie almost has a chance but it basically falls flat. The plot is generic and the acting is poor. Even for an indie film it doesn't measure up.
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    I was duped into watching this movie by my roommate, and it was so awful it was painful to watch. This was an attempt at a self-created vehicle by the washed-up singer of the 80's hair band Poison. The waste of film consists of a cliché plot which is incredibly scattered, and horrendous acting-even sub-par to USA Up All Night flicks! To add insult to injury you have to deal with Bret Michael's worthless songs throughout the movie. Absolutely not worth anyone's time-even if you didn't pay for the rental.
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    What can I say, it was awful. Basically you have the pop star, the single famous actor (Martin Sheen for about 90 secs) and a script that actually takes itself seriously. There was a twist in the tale, however, you could see it coming about 10 minutes into the film, and to be honest by the end I just didn't care.

    Sorry, but cannot think of any redeeming feature
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    This movie is a perfect example of what a talented person can do! Bret Michaels(rock singer-POISON) did an excellent job for his debut. He proved that he can create an intelligent dramatic film and not have to use his Looks to get you interested. I especially like the depths of some of the characters: Michael Raine(convict), Jessica Foster(interviewer), and Lucifer(the preacher man). I feel that Bret and Marvin did an excellent job of shooting this film in such claustraphobic conditions(ex.using the actual Tennessee State Prison's Death Row). As far as reviewing: I want everyone to know that the plot has so many twists and turns that it makes you WANT to see the entire film over and over to figure out how everything comes together! It's a very intense and exciting film that keeps you on your toes and you forget that you are watching BRET the singer!
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    This movie rocks! This is the single greatest movie ever made, i think it's better than the godfather, taxi driver, raging bull and star wars put together!

    It tells the story of a man on death row, and is acted superbly by a truely excellent cast. Each performance is worthy of an academy award. How charlie sheen's excellent cameo did not earn him the best supporting actor oscar, is both beyond comprehension, and frankly, criminal. With his Hitchcock-esque directorial debut, Michaels has created a truely wonderful, gritty suspense thriller with must surely go down as an all time cinema great.

    Credit must again go to Charlie Sheen for a truely remarkable performance, which shows him as a man of great strength, but also his vulnerable side. I can't imagine any other actor being able to play "Cop#2", as it would appear it is the role Sheen was born to play.

    Martin Sheen is also excellent as the leads father, and gives a performance so moving i was almost in tears watching it.

    The movie as a whole is excellent, i would highly recommend everyone buys it.

    I award this movie 10/10, it is the best movie ever made. EVER! >
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    This movie is worst than the turkey itself. The videocover actually has Charlie Sheen on it. He is only shown for a couple seconds. This movie just like watching an overlong horrible rock video. At one time in cinema, Movies actually had actors & actress worth of being great stars, today film-makers go out and get any music, sports, or just anybody, stick in front of camera, and call it movie. That irritates me so much, to see actor&actress who work from dawn til dusk just to make ends meet, but instead just throws somebody in front of camera. If more movies be like this in future there would be no reason to watch them.
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    When I first heard and read that the lead singer of Poison was staring in a movie I just had to see it. I kept checking the newspapers hoping that it would be showing in one of them but much to my disappointment it didn't. When I became a member of Netflix the movie A Letter From Death Row was my first choice. Not only did Bret write the music for his first time acting but was also Written by, Directed by, Produced by, did his own stunts and from what I have heard and read in interviews he did more behind the scenes work as well. Most people see him as a 80s hair metal rock star, but IMO Bret Michaels is a modern day Renaissance Man.

    I really hope he not only continues his music career but continues doing other side projects as well!
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    This is, or should have been, the vanity project to end all vanity projects. The plastic-boobed strippers in thongs, the pointless camera effects, the pointless strange angles, chapter titles, in fact continual titles, continual voice-over, cheesy music (natch, he's from Poison), average (being kind)-to-poor acting, awkward exposition...if you've had a smoke and a drink it's hilarious, otherwise it's about a 1:4:4 solution of mildly amusing, irritating and boring. Just like me.

    (I was going to rate it higher than a 1 because I'm nice like that but the IMDb definition of 1 is "awful", and I can't argue with that really.)
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    Did he actually do it? All through the whole movie he presumed innocence. But then the end was very tricky. He had me confused. Talking to himself, or so the guards said. Plus he got himself confused. I love Bret Michaels so I hope it wasn't him they fried at the end of the movie. Very good movie. Hope everyone can enjoy it. I know I did. Found out a few things I most definitely didn't know, so at least I learned something from it as well. Some very bad murder plots in it as well. One of those 'You're gonna get caught no matter what you do...' but you'll find that out if you watch it. Over all it had a good plot line & a wonderful lead actor who is one of those no one wants to see die, I know I didn't.
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    Scream_I LOVE YOU

    This is probably the worst movie i have EVER seen. The general storyline is a reasonable idea, but the script and acting are just something to be ashamed of. I am amazed that some people think that the movie is brilliant, it isnt even rubbish, it is worse than a channel 5 porno (only english people will get that). Bret michaels is an idiot, poor singer, songwriter and actor, i just cant express how bad this film is. Overall the movie is another example of utter rubbish, but at least decent writers, directors or actors can make rubbish films watchable. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..... POO !!!
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    All in all it was a okay picture. I didn't care to much for it but I can see how some people could. As for Bret Michaels I really don't like his music but this story was alright. It could have worked if they hired some better actors and changed a couple things in the screenplay. For the directing I thought it wasn't too good but there was a couple creative things I did like. Everybody said it had many twists and turns but in my opinion I thought it was pretty predicable, but I guess thats just me. It was okay and I didn't mind seeing it once.
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    Has everybody forgotten that this man was the lead singer of Poison? This could be "Citizen Cain" and it would suck anyway on general principle. What the heck was Martin Sheen thinking. A long fall from "Apocolyse Now", that is for sure. Bret Michaels acting? Maybe he should spend more time getting better at singing before he quits his day job. Something to believe in? The electric chair.
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    This Movie Goes To Show You That A Rockstar Can Do Much More Than Sing. Bret Michaels Did A Wonderful Job In This Great Movie. No Only Did He Star In It, He Directed, Produced and Wrote It As Well. This Man Is A Genius, His Acting Was Great and The Plot Kept You On The Edge Of Your Seat Wanting More More More. Even After I Saw This The First Time, I Had To Rewind and Watch Again. All I Can Say Is I Had "Nothin But A Good Time" Watching This Movie.
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    Based on what this movie was meant to be, I thought Mr. Michaels did an excellent job.

    The perspectives he used in his filming were completely unique from what you expect to see these days and I say this as someone that has made 5 films.

    I found the movie pleasantly surprising in many various ways and when you consider that it was made on a low budget (as I have heard) and it was Mr. Michaels directorial debut I think he should be proud of what he has put together here.

    I don't believe it was meant to be a mainstream movie and was instead meant to be a cool / hip film....which I feel it was.

    Three thumbs up on this one.....
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    To the people who didn't totally love this movie,Envy is the highest form of flattery to BRET. Almost everyone i know loved it,and think he is an awesome artist(both with poison & solo!) How versatile he is in venturing into film takes a lot of guts!! and he has accomplished more in his life than u could dream of in yours!!! He's overcame a lot with his diabetes,the breakup of his longterm relationship,Having the courage to try new things knowing there will be people out there who may not like his work and doing it anyway is the number one quality of "A REAL MAN!!" and that is exactly what MR BRET MICHAELS is """ A REAL MAN ""moreso than all the men who criticize him out of jealousy!!!!!!!! I LOVE U BRET AND ALL YOUr WORK!!(have for over 20yrs)stay strong keep doing what yr doing,there are people who love all u do.(yr sold out shows say it all) CINDY!!
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    "A Letter From Death Row" is awful.

    The plot: Michael Raine (Michaels) is accused of killing his girlfriend and is put on death row. He starts to think about how he can save his life.

    This movie is a nightmare to watch. Michaels can't direct or edit at all. There's one scene in the beginning where he does karate moves in front of a mirror and all these color effects and strobe lights start killing your sense of vision. Let's talk about his acting skills: Why? Charlie (Or Charles as he liked to called during 1997-1999) and Martin Sheen drop by to light their dignity on fire.

    Michaels made another movie in 1998: "No Code Of Conduct". It's a million times better than this.

    I think all copies of "A Letter From Death Row" should be executed immediately.

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