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Love Sonia (2018) HD online

Love Sonia (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Love Sonia
Director: Tabrez Noorani
Writers: Ted Caplan,Tabrez Noorani
Released: 2018
Duration: 2h 2min
Video type: Movie
Inspired by real life events, Love Sonia is the story of a young girl's journey to rescue her sister from the dangerous world of international sex trafficking.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Mrunal Thakur Mrunal Thakur - Sonia
Richa Chadha Richa Chadha - Madhuri
Freida Pinto Freida Pinto - Rashmi
Manoj Bajpayee Manoj Bajpayee - Faizal
Adil Hussain Adil Hussain - Shiva
Anupam Kher Anupam Kher - Baldev Singh
Rajkummar Rao Rajkummar Rao - Manish
Sai Tamhankar Sai Tamhankar - Anjali
Mark Duplass Mark Duplass - Man in LA
Demi Moore Demi Moore - Selma
Riya Sisodiya Riya Sisodiya - Preeti
Abhishek Bharate Abhishek Bharate - Amar Kumar
Ankur Vikal Ankur Vikal - Hotel Manager
Sunny Pawar Sunny Pawar - Bang Bang
Kiran Khoje Kiran Khoje - Mother

Sunny Pawar and Abhishek Bharate previously portrayed brothers in Liutas (2016).

Rajkummar Rao and Manoj Bajpayee previously worked with each other in Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) & Aligarh (2015).

The film is Tabrez Noorani's directorial debut and feartures a strong ensemble cast of Manoj Bajaypee,Richa Chadha,Rajkumar Rao,Sai Tamhankar,Adil Hussain, Anupam Kher, Demi Moore, Mark Duplass, Freida Pinto and introduces Mrunal Thakur and Riya Sisodiya.

The journey of a young girl,Love Sonia has already won hearts at screening in London and Melbourne.

Mrunal was an absolute stress-buster on the sets of love sonia. Depicting such intense characters were quite a heavy task for all actors and Mrunal lightened moods off-screens by playing pranks with them on the sets. Costumes for Richa Chadha and Freida Pinto among the rest were bought from the red light area of Mumbai to keep the aesthetics of the film intact and bring out the authenticity on the screen.

The film is a gritty story of a 17 year old girl,who travels across India,Hong Kong and Los Angeles,USA,to rescue her sister from the Nexus that runs a human trafficking racket across continents.

Freida Pinto, Tabrez Noorani's hard-hitting drama on sex trafficking, Love Sonia,says that the film will debunk a lot of myths surrounding the flesh trade.

Riya Sisodia made her acting debut in this movie

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    This is a very true and inspiring movie about the trafficking of girls and young ladies into prostitution rackets ,which is very rapport .

    'Love Sonia' Is Disturbingly Haunting and Well-Crafted.

    Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk has a scene towards the end where a blind man congratulates retreated British soldiers. Surprised by his gesture a soldier wonders, "All we did is survive." To which, the blind man says, "That's enough."

    Love Sonia acknowledges this human spirit of a teen girl, who endures unimaginable brutalities and yet, dares to live. Sometimes, survival is the biggest victory when you don't have a choice.

    Worth a watch
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    I am no expert on Human Trafficking so I am assuming the incidents are honestly inspired and there is no propaganda, The story revolves around a girl who, in her desperate search for her sister, is forced to prostitution. The events forces the viewers to rethink where our society is heading. Trafficking can be seen through an economic perspective of demand and supply. People find market where there is demand but no supply. The movie looks across different spectrum of people on the demand side. From the poorest of the poor to ultra rich, all seemingly having the similar carnal desires of flesh. This desire manifests itself into a full fledged market of trading innocent lives. I have no opinion on whether prostitution is wrong or right but I find it depressing that people especially woman in this case do not have right to live a life of their own. They always seem to be at mercy of their circumstances. Exploiting the poor and the rich merchandising the poor have become of our society. The movie hits the nerves of this flawed system. The movie is far from perfect but true beauty lies in its imperfections.
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    This movie left me sad...heart broken for a girl named Sonia for her struggle to save her sister from the cruelty of this world... movie left me shattered but felt somewhat after the end of this movie that u will get to know after watching..and learned... a must watch ..but for not weak hearted...
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    The movie is excellent revealing the ruthless and true scenario of human traffiking in world (mainly india). Those who like to watch movies with serious issues this one is surely good with excellent acting and directing.
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    I just want to say !! wow ! what a movie this is ! superbly directed to show the dark truth of our society and sex vulture presented in our society. Must watch ! you will not regret watching it which is a beautiful tale of two sisters in this cruel world.
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    When it comes to exploitation against womens the stands against it n depicts will power that can beat any evil.The movie gives a strong reflection of some bad practices prevailing in the society an how innocent girls are engylfing innit. Its a must watch masterpiece every actor at their best with a good storyline n content oriented movie.
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    I do not have words to describe the impact that you take after watching this movie. The story of Sonia is the harsh truth of sex trafficking. All the actors have done justice to their characters. Rating this movie is just not enough to tell people how good it is.
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    Any movie, which makes us see ourselves naked in front of our own emotions, which compels us to throw away our hard hollow shell and cry out our pain and agony, which brings us to the brink of tears and makes us see ourselves with more emapthy, serves its true purpose of being. Watching Love Sonia was such a feeling for me. It made me feel miserable for being the creed of such a faction of creatures who have no singularity whatsoever to their own thoughts and actions. It made me cringe with pain and horror because I was able to feel what Sonia must be feeling through her struggle. I wanted to scream out my suffering at seeing the injustice life had had for Sonia..
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    This is a great movie to watch. The story unfolds as a village farmer sells her elder daughter Preeti to a brothel in a red light area in Mumbai. Affectionaed by love of Preeti and Saddened to know her departure to Mumbai, Preeti's younger sister Sonia brings herself to the other brothel in Mumbai in search of Preeti. Sonia horrible life starts as she is forced ro learn all the sex work that a prostitute does to survive only hoping that she would meet her sister one day. Eventually she meets a NGO worker, Manish, who promises her to help her in escaping the brothel. When helps arrives from NGO, Sonia refuses to escape because she wanted to save her sister Preeti first. The story takes a twist when Sonia is being trafficked to other countries for serving clients through containers. She is being drugged and operated to make get virgin again when she loses her virginity to a client. This is the sad part if the story. She later comes to a NGO shelter in LA when she smartly escapes while serving a client with help of a friend who kills herself to save Sonia escape. Later Sonia moves back to an NGO in India and starts her journey to find her sister.

    The movie tells us how sex trafficking operates on larger scale and is a source of income for men who forces or tricks innocent women/ underage girls in this line of work. Movie also highlights how police and government officials are involved in sex trafficking and operate it on global scale.
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    This movie is very realistic. it takes you into the world of sex trafficking and what sex workers go through.
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    This is my first ever review on IMDb, I'm writing this bcoz it made me to do so, hundreds are movies are realising every year in bollywood but didn't gets recognized.

    Love Sonia !! is one of them.

    It's an true story of 2 village girls trapped into human trafficking which is been beautifully defined on white canvas. Every character is been handpicked even for a short role too and done justice to it.

    The movie itself is a blockbuster in its genre.
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    I rarely give reviews. This is a rare gem not to missed. I started warching this on my tablet at 11:30 PM night and thought I will sleep after 10-15 mins but I was unable to put it down. It is so realistic. It soaked me in all emotions including panic , anxiety , anger, fear, love, lust , hope, peace and many more. I feel a changed soul after watching it. This is the a must see and not yo be missed movie. Excellent acting by all. Nice script and execution. Go and watch it. It will change you for sure in one or other way.
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    While watching this movie you have to cry ........
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    The movie is the story of a girl whose life changes when she gets trapped in the sex trade.
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    Love Sonia Movie Cast: Mrinal Thakur, Richa Chadha, Frida Pinto, Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher, Adil Hussain, Sai Tamhankar Love Sonia film director: Tabez Noorani Love Sonia movie rating: 2.5 / 5.00 stars

    My reaction after watching the movie

    My initial expectation from Tabrez Noorani's Love Sonia was that it may be 'socially conscious message pictures' which all general people are not ready to appreciate. This film is a story of a girl from the Maharashtrian village, caught in the global sex trade network. It beautifully shows how this profession operates at many layers mainly as the organized business. This is a film that does not leave you the brutality of the truth, but it manages to poetic at the same time. In the past also the movies on this subject have been made, but they do not involve the audience with them and they offer the subject matter in such way that does not force us to think anything and be easily digestible. The film raw power overwhelmed the audience and the audience applauds the talent to showcase the film in such a narrative, even after ending of the film audience leaves the cinema hall very silently. During watching the film you feel what the central character that young, school girl, Sonia goes through physically and what she experiences during the whole journey.

    The Film clearly describes the total loss of innocence of childhood and how she faces the hard reality of life in a most unexpected way. While watching the film you experience that something is dying you inside as you witness the hell ride which Sonia goes through. Sonia comes in life like a striking charcoal painting; His lips are drawn with caution, both his gums and his teeth expose his battle for his surprise and his soul, which he is most afraid to lose. Love Sonia does not give up on the idea of beauty, and further shows us that in the density of information, in the abundance of truth, true artistic beauty is hidden.
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    Directed by story by tabrez noorani Very dark movie made. Love soniya is the story of a young girl 's Journey to rescue her sister from the Dangerous world of international Sex trafficking. That is shown in the Movie very well. The real find is Mrunal Thakur who plays Sonia, the younger of two sisters, both victims of the vicious men and women who trade in flesh. Sonia gets ensnared in a brothel even as she struggles to discover the whereabouts of her sister Preeti. She has no idea where to start, but she has no intentions of giving up. The lies, the false assurances, the blackmailing all play a role in gradual breakdown of Sonia's spirit which is equal parts frustrating and fascinating to behold. I give 6/10
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    They (he/she) failed to arouse audience empathy for the protagonist. everything which is wrong with this movie is because of your direction. I remembered the first scene when the protagonist was forced into giving a blowout thing to an old man, you dramatized it that much that it was unbearable and funny at the same moment. You cant direct a rape seen with enough authenticity since you are just too amature. Since the movie received A certificate. So why the hell you are silencing Manoj Bajpai slang. you can't expect every member in the audience to know the slang and since it was a movie for adults I was hoping to see an unadulterated portrayal of human trafficking. for the people reading this if even after reading this you want to watch this movie go ahead and watch it at your own risk.