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Grips, Grunts and Groans (1937) HD online

Grips, Grunts and Groans (1937) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Sport
Original Title: Grips, Grunts and Groans
Director: Jack White
Writers: Clyde Bruckman,Searle Kramer
Released: 1937
Duration: 19min
Video type: Movie
The stooges become trainers of "Bustoff", a champion wrestler. The big boss has a lot of money bet on Bustoff and orders the boys to take good care of him. Instead they accidentally knock him out and Curly must disguises himself as Bustoff and wrestle in his place. The match doesn't go very well until Curly smells "Wild Hyacinth" perfume on a lady fan at ringside. This drives him crazy and he knocks out his opponent and half the people in the stadium.
Complete credited cast:
Curly Howard Curly Howard - Curly (as Curly)
Larry Fine Larry Fine - Larry (as Larry)
Moe Howard Moe Howard - Moe (as Moe)

When the Stooges (stunt doubles) stumble over the baby carriage, notice at first there's only a blanket by the carriage, but in the next shot, an actual infant has been placed there.

After Bustoff finishes drinking at the restaurant, his cup is changed so he can crush it with his hand

The Wild Hyacinth that drove Curly crazy is a real fragrance made from the plant of the same name. There was a perfume created in the early 1800's named Wild Hyacinth Floris, but the production Is now discontinued. However, Wild Hyacinth fragrances can be purchased as a perfume, oil or cologne for men.

Opening title screen has the copyright year as 1936, however it was released in 1937.

Production number 259.

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    The last five minutes of this insane Three Stooges story almost puts me in tears laughing, and I've seen it many times. It features Curly as a pro wrestler! Regarding those last few minutes, it's one of those "you have to see it, to believe it" cases. I've never seen Curly go this berserk before, which is saying a lot.

    Actually, this Three Stooges classic isn't just pure lunacy at the end: it's crazy and funny from start-to-finish, with a great 1930s look and feel to it. From the opening bums-in-the-railroad car scene, to knocking over a woman's baby carriage to the boxing gym scenes, on and on it goes until the incredibly wild finish.

    Included in this story was a theme - used in several Three Stooges films - in which Curly would go bananas by smelling something, or hearing something.....and then he would be unstoppable. This worked to great advantage in the ring, whether it was boxing or wrestling or whatever. In this story, he becomes a wrestler, only "out of soy-cumstance." The real wrestler, a bearded Russian-looking guy named "Bostoff," gets blitzed with a combination of alcoholic drinks and Curly - to save the Stooges butts from the mob boys who have bet on Bostoff - has to take his place.

    What happens just kills me. As other reviewers here state, this is a classic Three Stooges, one of the best.
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    In 1937, the Stooges were coming into their prime, and though this one is not the best entry, it's close. The Trio is suppose to watch over the wrestler "Bustoff." But when they get him drunk and then drop dump-bells and a locker on his head, Curly is forced to take Bustoff's place in the ring. But once Wild Hyicene purr-fume gets on Curly, he goes nuts, and tears the joint apart. Great sound effects, goofs, and a great rousing ending. This one will have you laughing out loud.

    Bottom Line: One of the top 10 Stooge Shorts. 9/10
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    Grips, Grunts and Groans (19370 was another classic short form the team of Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curley Howard. The three lovable losers are traveling hobos who make an unscheduled last stop. A couple of engineers chase the vagrants away. Whilst hiding in the nearest building "The Hangover Gym", the boys are giving a gig as sparing partners for one of their prize fighters. The poor boxing skills with comedic end results amuse a local pro wrestler named Bustoff. He takes an immediate liking to the three and wants them to party with him. That doesn't seem like a good idea considering Bustoff has a big match tonight.

    Can the boys keep Bustoff from enjoying himself too much? Will they get their promised sparring partner money? To find out what happens next you'll just have to watch GRIPS, GRUNTS & GROANS. One of their most famous shorts.

    Highly recommended.
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    Out of all the Three Stooge' shorts that Columbia produced, this one is the hands down winner! It starts with our heroes fleeing from a railway car they have been stowing away in.They flee the police and railway detectives (knocking over an occupied baby carriage in the process and not stopping!), then finding refuge in a local gym.Once there they are hired by a crooked wrestling promoter to look after his star attraction, an amiable but violent, womanizing and hard drinking wrestler named Bustoff.Without posting a spoiler, I can tell you that Curly ends up on the receiving end of more violence than even he is used to,This one is the absolute funniest things I have ever seen in my life, Dr Strangelove being #2! See this one.
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    "Grips, Grunts and Groans" is an excellent Three Stooges comedy directed by Preston Black. Larry, Moe, and Curly are vagrants who end up at the Hangover Athletic Club as managers of Bustoff (Harrison Greene), the famed wrestler. When Bustoff gets drunk before the championship bout, the Stooges' lives hang in the balance, until Larry comes up with a scheme: since Curly resembles Bustoff (at least with his girth & shaved head), he can take Bustoff's place in the ring!

    My favorite scenes from this wonderful short include the following. When a waiter asks the Stooges if they'll have dessert, they reply in unison, "Yeah, another turkey." As Larry and Curly try to revive the drunken Bustoff in the locker room, Curly accidentally drops some dumbbells on Bustoff's head! As Moe tells a bedtime story to the passed-out Bustoff, he says, "And so the big chief went riding through the woods, and he met two little Indians"; Larry and Curly then do a few savage whoops, and Moe says, "Quiet." And during the hilarious championship wrestling match, Curly gets a whiff of Wild Hyacinth perfume, which drives him violently insane, enabling him to clobber his opponent in the ring; not even Moe, Larry, nor anyone else can calm Curly down as he manages to knock out everyone in sight!

    "Grips, Grunts and Groans" bears a resemblance to an earlier Three Stooges short titled "Punch Drunks" (1934), in which Curly goes insane whenever he hears the tune "Pop Goes the Weasel," so he becomes a heavyweight boxer. Other Stooge films in which Curly goes insane over the silliest causes include "Tassels in the Air" (1938) and "Horses' Collars" (1935).
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    Grips, Grunts and Groans (1937)

    **** (out of 4)

    Three Stooges short has the boys finding themselves in a jam so they duck into a wrestling gym where the top guy takes a liking to them. The four go out for drinks but the wrestler gets too drunk and can't enter the ring so Curly has to take his place. Even though Curly doesn't know what he's doing he can still go psycho whenever he smells a certain type of perfume. The storyline is pretty similar to their Pop Goes the Weasel but I won't hold it against this film as it's certainly one of their funniest. There were countless scenes that had tears flowing from my eyes due to laughter and I'm not sure I've ever seen Curly go so crazy. There are countless great scenes here including one where the boys are being chased off a train and eventually run over a baby carriage. Another classic is the getting drunk sequence but there's no doubt the highlight is the final sequence where Curly smells too much perfume and flips out on everyone. This is certainly one of the funniest films out there.
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    One thing about the Stooges is you either love 'em or hate em. There's not much room for neutrality here. Another thing is the better portion of their Columbia output is numbered with the best of all the comedy sound shorts.

    Another element of their productions is that they would take a particular premise,and work work some variation on it. In this case it's having Curley inflicted with some unknown malady that results in his having aversion to one particular element. This always (well at least in 4 films)results in Curley's going wild until some sort of antidote ritual is administered..* This is among their best, because it has a better overall look to it, it has some out of doors filming and use of great inside sets.(probably borrowed from some other productions,but so what? Why not use wherever is available?

    These are 20minutes of farce, relief from the real world. It's no BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN or some other masterpiece.) Having had a brief stint as a p art time pro wrestler (generally called a "Job Man" in the trade) in my younger days, the fact that it uses Pro Wrestling so prominently in the story makes it a top entry in the series.**

    It tells us that Americans of the 1930's were already quite well acquainted with the mat game. This should dispel the old, false notion that professional wrestling was an invention of Television as TV was about 8 or 10 years away from a reality as commercial enterprise.(at the time that GRIPS, GRUNTS and GROANS was released to the movie houses.)

    In a nut shell, the Stooges, fleeing from the Law, (in this case they're Railroad Dicks) become involved with Wrestling Manager. They are given charge of delivering Russian Pro Grappler, Bustoff, to the Arena that evening, sober and prepared to meet the Champion in the main event.

    Of course hard drinking Bustoff has other ideas and after an unsuccessful attempt to render him sober only put him in worse condition. What else to do, except that one of the Stooges has to masquerade as the bearded Russian.

    Naturally, Curley gets the going over until Moe spots a Lady (Bess Flowers), seen earlier applying her Wild Hyacinth perfume. Once reapplied, Curley goes bananas, vanquishing his opponent and all others entering the Ring by using the ring clanger bell as weapon. It surely looked like Samson slaying the Philistines!

    At last we see a whole mound of humanity, including the other wrestler, Moe and Larry, and a great pile of unconscious Cops and Ring Officials , all lying in middle of the ring. Then the clapper string breaks, projecting the bell high into the air, landing on Curley's head. With a short, proper mugging to the camera, he falls out on top of the heap of police. Then, it's Fade to Black and the signature music.........................

    It is one of their best films and sure a favourite of this writer.

    * Over the years, the same 'DRIVES HIM WILD" items are: hearing any musical rendition of 'Pop Goes The Weasel', seeing mice, seeing tassels and of course the above mentioned 'Wild Hyacinth'

    ** It demonstrates both how much pro wrestling has changed, yet also at the same time, remained the same.
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    This funny Stooge short is really good.I like the how Curly performs as the wrestler.The looks he gets on his face are unforgettable and the sparing stuff he wears is so funny.This is a great one to check out!
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    This is the Three Stooges short where they accidentally stumble into wrestling gym and to get money for a meal Curly volunteers to be a sparring partner. The champ Bustoff who trains at the gym happens to be watching nearby and finds the stooges hysterical. So he takes them out for a big meal but the stooges get him drunk and he can't go for his big match. So the Stooges have to dress Curly up as him. But Curly can only fight if Curly smells the perfume Wild Hyacinth and can only be stopped by tickling his feet.

    The movie came out in the prime of the Three Stooges the Curly era. Not that Shemp isn't good in his own right it's just that the Stooges lineup is best with Curly in addition to the main stays of Moe and Larry.
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    "Grips, Grunts and Groans" is one of the more famous "Three Stooges" short films. As usual, it runs for slightly under 20 minutes, is in black-and-white and was directed by the prolific Jack White. This one is not from the very early days of the trio, but also far from their later works. It is also not yet World War II, so this one has no political references. Instead, it is basically a poor man's version of their short film "Punch Drunks" from three years earlier. Curly (easily the biggest star of the trio at this point) is back in the ring, but Larry is not playing the violin this time, and they gang runs into a bunch of professional criminals, probably mobsters. The girls are missing in this one here though, if we don't count the woman at the ring who is a true game changer for Curly. Unfortunately, the humour and comedy in here is not a game changer for the audiences. Not among my favorite Stooges films. Thumbs down.
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    I've always looked at this film as an improved version of "Punch Drunks." Not that "Drunks" was a bad film, mind you, but it was made during the very beginning of the stooges careers when their characters had yet to fully develop plus the pacing of "Punch Drunks" was a bit on the slow side.

    No such problems here, because in 1937, the stooges were clicking on all cylinders and "Grips, Grunts and Groans" is one of the funniest films done by anybody.

    It's hard to believe that Bustoff is the same guy who played A. Mouser in "Ants in the Pantry" but I would put him on the list of role players who should have been used in more stooge shorts. And of course, Bustoff's resemblance to Curly leads to one of the greatest scenes in all of stoogedom.

    Curly's wrestling match: That scene alone is worth a 10 star rating, just about everything in that scene had me rolling, particularly Moe's statement that Curly was just warming up, then they cut to a shot of Curly being flung through the air. Or how about Curly trapped in an ankle-lock and still managing to procure himself a sandwich and soda.

    And of course, the riotous ending with everybody getting knocked out by the ring bell. Funniest stooge ending ever!

    In short, if you love the stooges, then this short is required viewing.
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    Although the chaotic ending of Grips, Grunts, and Groans is pretty much stolen from the Marx Brothers Animal Crackers it still works well. The Three Stooges throughout their career always were using stuff that other comics did and adapting for themselves. I think part of the reason is that they were not feature film comics like the Marx Brothers or Abbott& Costello, nor did they have the creative freedom that Laurel&Hardy did with Hal Roach. They worked fast and cheap and ground out the product and Harry Cohn at Columbia loved them for that.

    The boys become trainers of a contending wrestler whom they accidentally knock out and Curly with false beard has to take his place. Curly has a phobia about the perfume wild hyacinth, some painful memories associated with same. It works on him the same way that the phrase Niagara Falls works in that famous 'Slowly I Turn' burlesque routine that Abbott&Costello use.

    If you remember how Harpo demolished the entire cast of Animal Crackers than you know how this one ends. Grips, Grunts, And Groans I'd like to think is the Stooges homage to the Marx Brothers.