» » The Wild Wild West The Night of the Legion of Death (1965–1969)

The Wild Wild West The Night of the Legion of Death (1965–1969) HD online

The Wild Wild West The Night of the Legion of Death (1965–1969) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller / Western
Original Title: The Night of the Legion of Death
Director: Alex Nicol
Writers: Earl Barret,Robert C. Dennis
Released: 1965–1969
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Jim and Arte uncover an unscrupulous plot devised by an ambitious dictatorial governor who has plans to become President of the United States.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Robert Conrad Robert Conrad - Jim West
Ross Martin Ross Martin - Artemus Gordon
Kent Smith Kent Smith - Governor Winston E. Brubaker
Anthony Zerbe Anthony Zerbe - Deke Montgomery
Karen Jensen Karen Jensen - Catherine Kittridge
Toian Matchinga Toian Matchinga - Henriette Fauer
Walter Brooke Walter Brooke - Prosecutor
Alex Gerry Alex Gerry - Judge
James Nusser James Nusser - Reeves
Douglas Rowe Douglas Rowe - Attendant (as Doug Rowe)
Eliezer Behar Eliezer Behar - Warden (as Eli Behar)
Thad Fitzgerald Thad Fitzgerald - Corporal #1
Ralph Thomas Ralph Thomas - Corporal #2
Robert Terry Robert Terry - Dan Kittridge
Bill Erwin Bill Erwin - Jury Foreman

Although the name of the territory in which this episode takes place is never mentioned, Colorado was the only state admitted to the union during Grant's presidency, with the proclamation being signed on 2 August 1876. The next states to be admitted were North and South Dakota, on 2 November 1889, twelve years after Grant left office (and four years after his death). It's unlikely that politicians in Dakota Territory would be anticipating statehood that far in advance. The last territorial governor of Colorado was John Long Routt, appointed by President Grant on 29 March 1875; he also served as the first state governor until 14 January 1879.