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La Salita (2012) HD online

La Salita (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: La Salita
Director: Enrico Poli
Writers: Enrico Poli
Released: 2012
Budget: €1,250
Duration: 16min
Video type: Movie
La Salita is a short fiction film about the dismay of a man facing the sudden loss of his wife. Michele, the main character, decides to undertake a period of voluntary isolation (and exile from society) for a time necessary to reaffirm himself as individual. His trip is, in fact, metaphor of an interior research, and sees him facing actions and places that the man normally avoid. It's a research of God, of an error, of a white page where to write on and on which reflect him selves; the research of a mirror; a mirror that doesn't exist in the nature and doesn't exist on the walls of the buildings, or in the desolate streets of a city that is still asleep. A mirror that he can only find in the eyes of an other human being: Sofia's eyes.
Credited cast:
Patrizia Bollini Patrizia Bollini - Sofia
Marco Palvetti Marco Palvetti - Michele