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Peter Gunn Bullet for a Badge (1958–1961) HD online

Peter Gunn Bullet for a Badge (1958–1961) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: Bullet for a Badge
Director: Jack Arnold
Writers: Steffi Barrett,Tony Barrett
Released: 1958–1961
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Lt. Jacoby scurries out for a night rendezvous with a tipster, but it's a set-up, and he's wounded by gangsters, so Peter Gunn leaps into the case. 2 real informants talk to Gunn, but one is killed, the other scared off. The incorruptible Lt. Jacoby was up for promotion - could police be involved in the shootings ?
Episode complete credited cast:
Craig Stevens Craig Stevens - Peter Gunn
Lola Albright Lola Albright - Edie Hart
Hope Emerson Hope Emerson - Mother
Herschel Bernardi Herschel Bernardi - Lieutenant Jacoby
Robert F. Simon Robert F. Simon - Capt. Ben Loomis
Berry Kroeger Berry Kroeger - Vincent Donniger
Lillian Buyeff Lillian Buyeff - Dora Loomis
Richard Peel Richard Peel - Alfie Hicks
Morris D. Erby Morris D. Erby - Sergeant Davis (as Morris Erby)
Clarke Gordon Clarke Gordon - Doctor
Paul Baxley Paul Baxley - First Hoodlum

One of three episodes showing Herschell Bernardi's room in North Hollywood Emergency Hospital, where he recuperated after being hit by a car. The hospital director resisted filming there. But at the end of the film crew's visit, he said, "Now I know how noisy my nurses are." TV Guide July 8, 1961: "A Matter of Maturity," p. 17.