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Die Piraten von Monterey (1947) HD online

Die Piraten von Monterey (1947) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Drama / Western
Original Title: Pirates of Monterey
Director: Alfred L. Werker
Writers: Sam Hellman,Margaret Buell Wilder
Released: 1947
Duration: 1h 17min
Video type: Movie
Captain Phillip Kent, a soldier of fortune, and his friend Sergeant Pio, journey from Mexico City to Monterey on a secret mission. Their assignment consists in delivering state-of-the art new guns that will help the Californians fight against Spanish royalists who, disguised as pirates, keep ransacking their towns, villages and forts. Once in Los Angeles, they meet two women, Marguerita and Filomena, who have just missed the stagecoach. Kent reluctantly accepts to escort them but soon falls for the prettier while Pio does not remain insensitive to Filomena. However, after a wonderful night in Santa Barbara, the two ladies vanish in the haze. Overcoming their disappointment, the two men hit the road again and finally reach Monterey where they are welcomed by Lieutenant Ortega, Phillip's best friend. Besides a tricky situation due to the constant attacks of the "pirates", Phillip discovers a new unsettling fact: Marguerita is there in order to be officially engaged to Ortega...
Complete credited cast:
Maria Montez Maria Montez - Marguerita Novarro
Rod Cameron Rod Cameron - Captain Phillip Kent
Mikhail Rasumny Mikhail Rasumny - Sergeant Pio
Phillip Reed Phillip Reed - Lt. Carlos Ortega
Gilbert Roland Gilbert Roland - Major de Rojas
Gale Sondergaard Gale Sondergaard - Señorita de Sola
Tamara Shayne Tamara Shayne - Filomena
Robert Warwick Robert Warwick - Governor de Sola
Michael Raffetto Michael Raffetto - Sgt. Gomara
Neyle Morrow Neyle Morrow - Manuel de Roja
Victor Varconi Victor Varconi - Capt. Cordova
Charles Wagenheim Charles Wagenheim - Juan

Maria Montez's last film in Technicolor .

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    Another of my Favorite Maria Montez movies!

    This time she's in old California in this costumed piece. It would be great if they got this to video also!

    A bit-o-trivia on this movie.......The part of a young woman played by Julia Andre was actually One of Maria's real life sisters.
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    This movie begins with an American adventurer named "Captain Phillip Kent" (Rod Cameron) who is on his way to Monterey with a load of new rifles for the Mexican garrison stationed there to help them in their fight against pirates and Royalists who want control of the region known as Alta California. With him is his good friend "Sergeant Pio" (Mikhail Rasumny) who talks incessantly about the women he has already met and those who have yet to know him. Along the way they observe a wagon traveling at high speed and carrying two women which loses a wheel and overturns. Naturally, Captain Kent and Sergeant Pio ride to the scene to render assistance. It's at this time that Captain Kent meets the lovely "Senorita Marguerita Novarro" (Maria Montez) who tells him they were hurrying to catch the stagecoach to Monterey. Although that is the same destination Captain Kent and Sergeant Pio are headed for they deliberately mislead Senorita Novarro because their mission is extremely secretive. However, being a gentleman he offers her safe conduct to the nearby town of Los Angeles instead. Unfortunately, Sergeant Pio accidentally lets their destination slip and this results in both Senorita Novarro and her companion "Filomena" (Tamara Shayne) sneaking into the wagon when Captain Kent heads out for Monterey in the morning. What neither Captain Kent nor Senorita Novarro quite realize is that there is trouble brewing at the garrison and they are headed right into it. Now rather than reveal any more of this film and risk ruining it for those who haven't seen it I will just say that unless one is well-read on the history of California it might be somewhat difficult to understand everything that is going on. For example, the "pirates" aren't exactly the skull-and-crossbones type that many might expect. Instead they are essentially mercenaries acting under the orders of the Royalists who seek to destabilize the entire region for both military and political reasons. That said this is more of a "Western film" than a "Pirate movie". On that note, while I found this movie to be somewhat interesting I must admit that I didn't care for the character of Sergeant Pio that much as his constant warbling about women got to be rather annoying. On the other hand I thought the presence of Maria Montes--and to a lesser extent that of Gale Sondergaard (as the Governor's wife "Senora de Sola")—was quite refreshing. Be that as it may this turned out to be an okay Western movie and I rate it as about average.
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    The transition of California territory from Spanish rule to American is documented in this colorful and entertaining western where details about truth aren't important, especially when your eyes are on the ravishing costumes in color worn by the redheaded spitfire Maria Montez. She's involved with handsome Phillip Reed (not quite Spanish looking but with the last name of Ortega) and pursued by American rebel Rod Cameron who wants the Spanish out and the Americans in. This really isn't about pirates, and a lot of the narrative doesn't make much sense, but once you get into it, those details don't matter. It's about the action, the sword fights, and the taming of the shrew like relationship that grows between Montez and Cameron.

    For comedy, there's Mikhail Rasumny and the heavyset companion of Montez's, and for glamour there's Gale Sondergaard in a great sympathetic part as the Spanish matron looking over Montez as a chaperone for Reed. Gilbert Roland seems to be playing an aging Don Juan, more concerned with uniting young lovers and fighting battles than making romantic conquests of his own. It's gorgeous to look at and speeds by, but I doubt that this represents anything close to the transition of California from Spanish to English. It is amusing, however, when Cameron arrives at a small settlement which he identifies as Los Angeles.

    The scene where one of the rebels is told to escape with the promise that he will only be shot at with blanks is rift with tension, even though the rebel leader indicates that it was done for a purpose. A lot of great things, mixed in with a bit of obvious fiction, but at least there's little stereotypical portrayals of the Spanish or Mexican locales, outside Mikhail Rasumny and his chunky love interest.