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Conquering the Rose (2012) HD online

Conquering the Rose (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Conquering the Rose
Director: J. Michael Whalen
Writers: Jenna St. John
Released: 2012
Video type: Movie
When the coffin of Etta Rose Callahan, a charismatic dance student, is uprooted from the earth after days of rain, the small college town of Remington is haunted with questions involving the young girl's sudden suicide. Jeremiah Mouthy, a popular art professor reveals his obsession with Etta when he decides to paint a portrait of her for the town's annual art exhibit. Jeremiah's act of passion aims to make Etta his and his alone: risking his marriage, friendships, and reputation.
Cast overview, first billed only:
George Katt George Katt - Jeremiah Mouthy
Kera O'Bryon Kera O'Bryon - Meredith Mouthy
Ian Novick Ian Novick - Ian Armstrong
Jenna St. John Jenna St. John - Etta Rose Callahan
Francis Abbey Francis Abbey - Blake Johnson
P.J. Megaw P.J. Megaw - Trevor Armstrong
Kira Grossfield Kira Grossfield - Joslyn Armstrong
Shanta Parasuraman Shanta Parasuraman - Amelia
Ali Walton Ali Walton - Tracy
T. Anthony Quinn T. Anthony Quinn - Mr. Armstrong
Patricia Talmadge Berry Patricia Talmadge Berry - Mrs. Armstrong
Stephanie Dinkmeyer Stephanie Dinkmeyer - Becca
Phil Amico Phil Amico - Carl
Meghan Nelson Meghan Nelson - Amber
Kelley Slagle Kelley Slagle - Lily