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Henry and the Animals (2014) HD online

Henry and the Animals (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Henry and the Animals
Director: Peter M. Kershaw
Released: 2014
Budget: $500
Duration: 9min
Video type: Movie
Tagline: - In a child-like imagination can be found great wisdom.Henry and the Animals, is an alternative experimental film about imagination, the natural world, and the wisdom of a child's mind to see the sanctity of life.Henry and the Animals was shot as part of an exercise by film students at Santa Fe Community College, NM and directed by instructor Peter M. Kershaw. "I saw the actor John Flax perform a one man skit with the character Henry and felt there was something else that could be said on film inspired by this theater piece." said director/producer, Peter M. Kershaw.The theater piece was shot with film crew students learning about production. With a budget of less than $500. dollars the production company Duchy Parade Films took the raw footage and carefully guided students through all the post-production stages resulting in the completed film.Director Peter M. Kershaw concludes, "There is something magical given the film's simple message and child-like escapist imagination ...
Credited cast:
John Flax John Flax - Henry