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Naked City Lady Bug, Lady Bug (1958–1963) HD online

Naked City Lady Bug, Lady Bug (1958–1963) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Lady Bug, Lady Bug
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Writers: Stirling Silliphant
Released: 1958–1963
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
A wealthy industrialist refuses to give in to an extortionist's demands even after the extortionist brutally assaults a neighbor girl and threatens the life of the man's alienated son.
Episode credited cast:
John McIntire John McIntire - Lt. Daniel Muldoon
James Franciscus James Franciscus - Det. Jimmy Halloran
Harry Bellaver Harry Bellaver - Det. Frank Arcaro
Leon B. Stevens Leon B. Stevens - Eddie Staber
Peter J. Votrian Peter J. Votrian - Bobbie Staber (as Peter Votrian)
Daniel Ocko Daniel Ocko - Julio Marsatti
Arthur Wenzel Arthur Wenzel - Butler
Peter Falk Peter Falk - Extortionist
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Herbert B. Leonard Herbert B. Leonard - Narrator (voice) (as Bert Leonard)

Sutton Place has long been one of New York City's most exclusive neighborhoods--its area covers approximately 53rd St. to 59th St. and 1st Ave. to the East River, with the Queensboro Bridge and its distinctive cantilever design a prominent feature of the landscape.

Episode director Stuart Rosenberg would later helm "Cool Hand Luke."

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    ***SPOILERS*** With big time construction mogul Eddie Saber, Leon B. Stevens, being shaken down for blackmail money to prevent his son Bobby, Peter J. Votrian, getting blown away Saber decides to do away with the unseen extortionist in his own way "Dirty Harry" or "Mafi style. This, doesn't go too well with the NYPD who feel that by his actions Saber will make things far worse in preventing them from catching the blackmailer in a police trap before he dose any more damage. With young Bobby, without the NYPD'a knowledge, willing to be bait has the extortionist make his move that really messes things up.That by having his dad Eddie Saber who at first tried to get the mob to hunt down and bring the person to justice, mob justice, take the bullet meant for him.

    There's a 29 year old and future TV Det. Frank Columbo Peter Falk in this "Naked City" episode as the very acrobatic, he runs dodges cars and jumps over fences, extortionist who ends up getting the short end of the stick, with a police bullet in his gut, in trying to escape from the police after picking up the pay off or ransom money that was dropped off by Saber on the FDR Drive. As for Falk's partner, unnamed in the credits, he got off somewhat better; he survived by being taken into custody by the police.With him taking a shot, from a four story building, at Bobby he hit his father Eddie Saber who came to his son's rescue. And not only did Saber save his son's life but earned his respect as well which he didn't have up until them. The very thing that Bobby hated about his dad is what ended up him liking him. And it was that tough aptitude that he showed all his life in not taking the easy way out, like giving into blackmail, that had Saber pull through and survive the injuries suffered in saving his son's Bobby's life.