» » Bameul gidarineun haebaragi (1982)

Bameul gidarineun haebaragi (1982) HD online

Bameul gidarineun haebaragi (1982) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Bameul gidarineun haebaragi
Director: Jong-seon Eom
Writers: Kwang-ok Kwon
Released: 1982
Duration: 1h 45min
Video type: Movie
After re-turning from the Vietnam War, Kim finds his neighborhood has gone downhill. His wife commits suicide and Kim becomes the target of an aggressive prostitute who sees him as her only chance at salvation
Cast overview:
Ju-hie Kang Ju-hie Kang
Dong-jin Lim Dong-jin Lim
Mi-kyeong Oh Mi-kyeong Oh
Se-hyeok Jeong Se-hyeok Jeong
In-ja Yun In-ja Yun
Hyeok Jang Hyeok Jang
Jin Jeong Jin Jeong
Min-gyu Kim Min-gyu Kim
Eun-na Prk Eun-na Prk
Mi-ok Ji Mi-ok Ji