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Temper (1915) HD online

Temper (1915) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Temper
Writers: H.S. Sheldon
Released: 1915
Video type: Movie
Frank Bradbury, twenty years old, leaves home because his father's ungovernable temper has made life unendurable. He battles hard to conquer the same emotionalism which he has inherited from his father. The only vicious exhibition of Frank's temper occurs when a schoolmate annoyed his childhood sweetheart, Rose Claybourne. He was expelled from school because of the terrific beating he gave the youth. He becomes engaged to Rose and together they return to his home, seeking his father's consent to their engagement. The mothers of both are hopeful for a reconciliation. Because she had sanctioned the boy's return home, his mother is attacked by the father. Frank arrives while the father shakes his fist in her face and Frank kills him with a paper weight, is brought to trial and acquitted on the grounds that he was justified in the act as he was protecting his mother. Rose and he marry.
Cast overview:
Henry B. Walthall Henry B. Walthall - Frank Bradbury
Ruth Stonehouse Ruth Stonehouse - Rose Claythorne - Frank's Sweetheart
Warda Howard Warda Howard - Mrs. Frank Bradbury
Ernest Maupain Ernest Maupain - Bradbury's Son
Sidney Carlyle Sidney Carlyle