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Zhena za Monasi (1986) HD online

Zhena za Monasi (1986) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Zhena za Monasi
Director: Krasimir Atanasov
Writers: Slave Makedonski
Released: 1986
Duration: 1h 7min
Video type: Movie
In an outback mountain village in Bulgaria, the main character Monasi is looking for a wife. The movie evolves when he finally finds the wife of his dreams and gets married.
Cast overview:
Ivan Grigorov Ivan Grigorov - Dimitri
Iliya Palagachev Iliya Palagachev - Monasi
Blagoy Pilarski Blagoy Pilarski - Gavriliy
Zhoitsa Florova Zhoitsa Florova - Kanta