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Bates Motel Ocean View (2013–2017) HD online

Bates Motel Ocean View (2013–2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Ocean View
Director: David Straiton
Writers: Carlton Cuse,Kerry Ehrin
Released: 2013–2017
Duration: 41min
Video type: TV Episode
Having spent the night with Bradley, a happy Norman gets home to learn that his mother is in jail, arrested for the murder of Keith Summers. Her bail is set at $100,000 but she tells both her sons to stay out it and refuses their offer to help her. Norman puts up the hotel as collateral for a bond. Norma goes out of her way to make him feel guilty about not being there when she was arrested and her subsequent behavior is bizarre. Dylan however proves to be supportive and has decided to move out. He offers Norman the chance to move in with him. Meanwhile, Dylan's friend Evan is shot and he decides to get even when the opportunity presents itself. Deputy Shelby goes out on a limb for Norma, yet again. Norman tells Emma he found the girl in the sketch book but that she's now disappeared. Emma thinks she knows where she might be.
Episode complete credited cast:
Vera Farmiga Vera Farmiga - Norma Louise Bates
Freddie Highmore Freddie Highmore - Norman Bates
Max Thieriot Max Thieriot - Dylan Massett
Olivia Cooke Olivia Cooke - Emma Decody
Nicola Peltz Nicola Peltz - Bradley Martin
Diana Bang Diana Bang - Jiao
Terry Chen Terry Chen - Ethan Chang
Mike Vogel Mike Vogel - Deputy Zack Shelby
Lara Gilchrist Lara Gilchrist - Rebecca Craig
Lindsay Collins Lindsay Collins - Legal Assistant
Christopher Laurence Christopher Laurence - Tweaker (as Topher Allen)
Aliyah O'Brien Aliyah O'Brien - Receptionist
Hinde Rabbaj Hinde Rabbaj - ER Nurse

When Norman (Freddie Highmore) gets a text from Jonn's Bail Bonds, the date on his phone is "Monday, April 15" and that's the same date this episode aired on.

This episode was watched by 2.66 million viewers.

Diana Bang (Jiao) & Aliyah O'Brien (Regina) also worked on Continuum as Docent & Alyssa respectively.

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    Bates Motel: 'Ocean View' (2013)

    Rating: C+

    A&E's "Bates Motel" mini-series is basically going to be re-working PSYCHO IV. If you've seen that film then you know it shows what was going on with Mrs. Bates and Norman before the events in the original Alfred Hitchcock film. While that prequel wasn't perfect, it at least put a nice wrap-around story to the original film.

    The fifth episode picks up with Norma (Vera Farmiga) in jail and Norman (Freddie Highmore) and Dylan (Max Thieriot) trying to figure out how they're going to get her out. While all of this is going on Dylan tries to explain to Norman that it's time he breaks free of his mother and he has the idea that the two of them should move somewhere together. While all of this is going on there are yet more twists in the story dealing with the sex slave as well as Dylan getting into his own trouble.

    I must admit that I found this episode to be the worst so far and in fact I'd go as far as to say it's downright idiotic. I'm not going to give away major spoilers but there is way too much stuff happening in this small town to be believed and there's certainly way too much going on in this one episode. Everything seems to be rushed because there are so many stories opened and closed within this one episode and the entire thing just seems to be going on way too fast. We get this big dramatic moment at the end of the last episode with Norma getting arrested but how it plays out here is just too simple and too stupid. I'm not going to ruin the trouble that Dylan gets into but I just had to shake my head. Yes, it's unexpected but it's just too far-fetched for its own good and especially the outcome (with apparently no cop interested). As with the previous episodes, the performances are all extremely good and Farmiga is really taking this role on as her own. As her character begins to crack mentally the actress is really pulling it off wonderfully. Hopefully the rest of the series gives her something better to do.
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    Global Progression

    I seem to be in the minority, but I liked this episode, "Ocean View." Granted, many plot developments are thrown at us but I was more interested in the character development in all of our characters. In this episode, Norma is even loonier than usual, Norman continues to fall out with his mother but furthers his relationship with Emma (and moves further away from Bradley?), and Dylan decides to act brotherly towards Norman. As we progress farther into Season 1, Freddie Highmore is becoming more and more like Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga continues to shine as Norma.

    After an eventful night with Bradley, Norman returns home to see that Norma has been arrested for the murder of Keith Summers. The judge posted bail for one-hundred grand, so Norman decides to post the motel as collateral. Norma, still salty over Norman opening up to Dylan, tells them both to stay out of her business. Dylan mentions to Norman that he can live with him and his new friend/co-worker is shot, so he seeks revenge. Meanwhile, Dylan and Emma continue on their adventure for the Chinese sex slave and they discover her on Officer Shelby's boat. After a sexually-charged night, Bradley ignores Norman's texts.

    This episode has a lot going on so it's best to pay attention or you may miss something. The tone is all over the place so I can see why it would be jarring. One moment it is a teen drama, next moment it's an adventure story, and the next moment a bumbling comedy. I think that worked well with me because this does not have to be entirely a psychological horror drama, but it can be about the growing pains of a teenager. The relationships between Norman and the girls affected me here. It is clear that Emma has a crush on Norman, but it is painful to see because her illness is getting in the way and Norman is still pining over Bradley despite her being a no-show. I also liked how the Norma is introduced to the Chinese sex slave drama, but she does not believe a single word of it mainly because she believes in Officer Shelby. That might be a big mistake, Norma.

    My Grade: A-
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    After spending a steamy night with Bradley, Norman strolls home, to learn that his Mother has been placed in jail, arrested for the murder of previous motel tenant, Keith Summers. Norma's bail is set at $100,000, but Norma is still bitter about Norman telling Dylan everything that happened, and tells both of them to get lost. Norman finds the deed to the hotel, and puts it up as collateral, to get Norma out of jail. Norma is still ungrateful, and does everything possible to make Norman feel guilty about his lack of devotion, by making love to Bradley, in lieu of being there for her. She even makes Norman walk home by himself. Dylan picks Norman up on his motorcycle, and offers Norman to come live with him, once Dylan gets his own place. Dylan's co-worker, and friend, Ethan gets shot, and he decides to get vengeance on the guy that shot him. Shelby risks his job by helping Norma some more, but Emma & Norman discover the Asian girl, Norman found a couple of episodes previously in Shelby's basement, aka the girl in the sketch book. Meanwhile, Norman is a bit perplexed as to why Bradley won't answer his texts

    Poor, Norman, his life is in such disarray. He gets laid by the girl of his dreams (Bradley) He is getting closer with Dylan, everything seemed to be looking up for him. He returns home to find his Mother in jail, and even gets shunned by his own Mother, when offered to bail her out. Norman was already a tad disturbed before moving to the motel, but it's easy to see why he became so crazy. All these chicks he's attracted too, including his own Mother. Since I'm such a die hard fan of the four Psycho movies, especially the original, I am extremely impressed with this show's direction. As I've mentioned in my previous reviews for episodes of this show. It does have its own agenda in many ways, but it makes sure to show continuity, and pay homage when necessary. One thing is for certain. We finally get clarity as to whether Norman was seeing things or not in Shelby's basement. I personally liked the route they went, but I can see how some would be a bit disappointed with it. It was a rather conventional way to do things, but I still say it was the right thing to do. It's too early to have Norman be fully crazy, as of yet. I like how they are doing a very slow buildup to Norman's mental illness. And if they keep finding ways to do the buildup, without it getting stale, I'm all for it. Nicola Peltz barely appears in this episode, aside from a brief scene at the beginning. It's kind of ironic how Emma wasn't in the last episode, and they focused on Norman & Bradley, while in this one, they focus on Norman & Emma. You begin to see Bradley's true colors in this one, without even seeing her. I felt for Norman immensely, even if Bradley's actions were somewhat understandable. She's a bit promiscuous, and you'll see that in this one, if that makes sense. It does a great job of making you wonder what Bradley is doing, or what happened to her. Emma's a bit bonkers herself, who pines for adventure in her life, even if it means risking her health.

    When Norman & Bradley were together before this episode, they seemed natural. Norman & Emma's relationship is much more complex and twisted. Both are just as effective in their own ways, but they differ as well. Vera Farmiga gets loonier with each episode. That subtle innocence is starting to fade away. This woman forces Norman to walk home, and literally takes him out of the car, just because Norman is scared. Vera was the perfect choice to play Norma. I'm astounded at how good she is. Freddie Highmore IS Norman Bates, as far as I'm concerned. He's not quite as good as Anthony Perkins (Who is?) But for a teen Norman Bates, this was a flawless casting decision. He has Norman's confused nature down pat, even Norman's little tick in the movies, such as his love for candy, or telling Dylan you should never walk away from your parents, or the jubilant joy he shows in his facial expressions from riding on a motorcycle with Dylan. It's the little things like that, which blow me away. He's clearly passionate about this role. Max Thieriot is excellent as Dylan. He is the most genuine character in this show, which is something I never thought would happen. He adds such a different dynamic then the other characters. I can't wait to see him evolve further. Olivia Cooke is great as Emma. Her crush on Norman is cute and heartbreaking at the same time, due to her diminishing health. Emma is a girl I'd gladly hang out with, despite her subtle wackiness. My only minor complaint is that Norma's escape from Jail seemed a bit too easy. I would have liked to see them explore that scenario a little bit more. There are a few plot holes as well, but everything else they did, so well.

    Final Thoughts: If you love the show, every episode from the first season is a must watch, plain and simple. Things are really beginning to heat up

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    furious ox

    This episode throws a lot at us, guys. Norma's life is a roller-coaster. She faces jail time, but Zach (who, for a moment, wants them to stop seeing each other) confiscates the incriminating carpet fiber out of the evidence locker. So he's her savior while Norman asks her what Zach will want her to do with him for such a big deed. Dylan's life seems to be on the rise, despite the criminal enterprise he's involved in. His buddy, Ethan, even loans him $5 grand to buy a beachfront home, but some junkie shoots Ethan in the throat while they're in the truck. Dylan takes Ethan to the hospital and seeks out the shooter, finding him lurking in an alley, running the junkie over with Ethan's truck! Dylan had plans for a home to share with brother Norman. I would say this is a plan that might have been a bit premature. Norma is against Norman because he "hooked up" with Bradley (who doesn't seem interested in Norman since she's not returning calls or texts after their little rumble under the sheets) while she was emotionally distraught and arrested. Out on bail, Norma is so under emotional turmoil and blaming Norman for not being there for her, she drops him off on the side of the road ten miles from home! Emma presses Norman to find the Asian girl, and they do, bringing her to the Bates until they can come up with some sort of plan to help her. Norman feels the need to inform Norma, and she's beside herself to prove Zach isn't the man who kept that poor girl prisoner in his basement. A newspaper article with Zach's picture proves to be Norma's worst nightmare as the Asian girl, with a look of horror, says unequivocally that it is him that chained her up, forcing her "to sex." What happens now? Well, Norma is in a pickle because this man who is a monster saved her from the gallows. He's the key to her undoing. He will have to go away, but how? That's the hook for the next episode, isn't it? Oh, and what will become of Dylan now? Dylan's life has now become not so rosy considering he murdered a man… The Emma/Norman teen romance angle is further explored as she kisses him and he responds awkwardly, still with designs on Bradley who is not anywhere to be found in this episode. Emma considers it just a hook up and nothing more while Norman is not willing to just let it go at that. So a lot going on here…